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Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary, Raiganj:  Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary is located 4 kms north of Raiganj at 25°37′N 88°07′E in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal. This Sanctuary has River Kulik running by its east and National Highway 34 running through it.

Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Kulik Bird Sanctuary is Asia s second largest bird sanctuary and its flagship species is the Asian Openbill Stork which it protects in large numbers. This sanctuary also protects 164 bird species within its large tropical deciduous forests.

More than 92,000 migratory birds such as open-bill storks, egrets, night herons and cormorants flock into the Raiganj Bird Sanctuary each year from South Asian Countries and coastal regions. It s an awesome sight! Some of the native birds here are kites, flycatchers, owls, kingfishers, woodpeckers, drongoes.

Raiganj Kulik Park which overlooks some parts of the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary was also constructed by the District Administration in order to attract more tourists. November to February being the peak birding season here, hundreds of tourists throng to this Wildlife Sanctuary.

Currently, this sanctuary is being burdened with the numerous picnics that the tourist-groups have here which is disturbing the natural habitat of the wildlife. West Bengal State Government Forest Department has pipelined measures to create a separate picnic area with drinking water and sanitation facilities in order to cater to prolonged visits of the tourists to this sanctuary.

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