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Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata: India’s oldest Golf Club and the first Golf Club outside Great Britain is the ‘Royal Calcutta Golf Club’ – the most prestigious golf club in India. Sprawling across 22°29 34"N   88°21 19"E, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club is 11 kilometres south of the Vidyasagar Sethu; 3.5 kilometres west of Sukanta Sethu; 3.5 kilometres west of Jadavpur Railway Station; 1 kilometre east of the Tollygunge Tram Depot.

Golf is one of the few royal sports in the world owing to its distinct style, elegance, tons of prize money and of course all the top brass associated with the sport who make the sport seem like oxygen – vital! In Kolkata, Golf is perceived and heralded as all of the above plus as a ‘Regal Legacy’ considering it was launched by the British Royalty themselves in Kolkata through the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which was established in 1829. The epithet ‘Royal’ was conferred upon the Calcutta Golf Club by Queen Mary and King George V in 1911 in order to commemorate their visit to Calcutta.

Being a pioneer in Golf Clubs in India, all golf clubs in India have been affiliated and aligned to the Royal Calcutta Golf Club and followed the golf rules of St. Andrews in Scotland until recently before Indian Golf Union was formed in 1955 and was launched as a controlling body of the game in India. The Indian Golf Union is affiliated to the World Amateur Golf Council’ and actively encourages and endorses the sport in the country which is evident in the steep rise of membership and revenues of the golf clubs and the golf industry respectively in the country.

The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course with 7195/6871 yardage, 72 par, 73.6/72.1 rating, natural water hazards and large greens and undulations. The strength of these links lies in their par fours and to score and good long and medium irons are recommended.

The Club comprises a fine swimming pool, bowling areas, tennis courts, dining areas and a bar. A bowling green section which was established in the early 18th Century also constitutes the Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

The Royal Calcutta Golf Club Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer; the Captain of the Greens & Course Development; Convenor of the membership committee; Convenor of Disciplinary Committee & Membership Relationship; Convenor of Legal and finance; Convenor of Bowling; Convenor of Projects and Development; Convenor of Administration and Convenor of Special Screening Committee.

The Administrative Structure of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club comprises the CEO; The General Manager – Administration; Manager – Accounts; Manager – Systems and Deputy Manager – Food & Beverage.

The Balloting Committee Members comprise of Convenor of Environment & Water Harvesting; Convenor of Entertainment; Convenor of Billiards; Convenor of Food & Beverage; Convenor of Golf; Convenor of Swimming; Convenor of Course Development; Convenor of Tournaments; and Convenor of Tennis.

Some of the Tournaments hosted at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club are:
RCGC Cup; Governor’s Cup; Asian Cup; Goodricke East India Amateur Championship; Captain’s Prize – individual match play; Blackheath Medal; Barrackpore Medal; Dryden Cup; Japanese Cup; Penang Medal; Independence Cup; Centenary Cup; The Telegraph Challenge Cup; Mercedes Invitational Golf Tournament; Club Gold Medal – 0-9 handicap; Bombay Silver Medal – 10-18 handicap; Reading Medal – Match Play (The top 8 from the Club Gold Medal would automatically be granted entry to the Reading Medal); Hero Honda Women’s PGA Tour; Monthly Medal; Lansdowne Medal; Audi Quattro Cup; Centenary Cup – 0-9 handicap; Inter-school Cup; Jackson Cup; Mazda Trophy.

Golfing Events held at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club:

  • Skills to Thrill - short game of skills competition.
  • Sultans of Swing - game for senior citizens above 60 years of age.
  • Ki-Tee Party - Golfing Ladies Meet.
  • The Sharks - Members shoot-out.
  • Different Strokes - game for juniors.
  • Master Blaster - for the pro s.

Coaching at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club:

  • Golf Coaching is rendered by Coaches with Valid certification from Indian Golf Union in Kolkata and are registered with the Royal Calcutta Golf Club.
  • Coaching Fee is charged on an hourly basis and is charged on the basis of Category of a Coach .
  • Coaches are to be booked in advance and on completion of the session, members are to sign an Authorization voucher which entitles the coach his fee which he would collect at the Club House by producing the Voucher. Cash Transactions are not allowed.

With the objective to prepare juniors to play on the National Circuit, Junior Golf Coaching Programs which have been launched are:
1. RCGC Elite Junior Program – this program being by invitation only, picks 14 top junior performers every quarter and comprises and three weekdays for coaching + fitness classes on weekends.

2. Diamond – it comprises individual one-on-one classes + 4 yoga classes + 2 video swing analysis + monthly tournaments + 2 group classes on Golf etiquette and rules + monitoring using log-sheets + 2 sessions on course + Progress chart  monitoring & analysis on video conducted by a coach.

3. Gold – it comprises 7 individual one-on-one classes + 4 yoga classes + 2 video swing analysis + monthly tournaments + 2 group classes on Golf etiquette and rules + monitoring using log-sheets + 2 sessions on course. Fee: Members – Rs. 1500 & Non-members – Rs. 1800.

4. Silver – it comprises 8 golf lessons per month + 4 yoga classes + 2 group classes on Golf etiquette and rules.

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