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Rock Garden, Darjeeling: Straight out of a fantasy is the gorgeous  landscape of waterfalls, fountains, bridges, rocks, ponds and wooden benches in the Rock Garden  of Darjeeling – also known as the ‘Barbotey Rock Garden’ at 27°1'27"N 88°14'16"E at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level – 10 kilometres south of Darjeeling.

Exploiting the natural beauty of the Chunnu Summer Falls in Darjeeling is the Rock Garden a masterpiece-mix of natural and manmade water and rock landscape. Just stop talking and listen to the water falling and splashing over the rocks. Sit next to it and observe the grand entrance the water makes into the garden. Sit still and soak up the ambience. Notice the strategic positioning of the rocks in the Garden which add to the eye appeal. They are naturally set.

Imagine mountain waterfalls gushing through dense forests of Darjeeling and splashing on layers of rocks and flowing zig-zag across the sloping and multi-level landscape with several small bridges over them – all of which surrounded by the verdant hills and overlooking the Tea valley of Darjeeling. The mere description would remind you of few romantic films. And that’s what this site is all about.

Majorly visited by honeymooners and couples for its alluring romantic appeal the Rock Gardens is also a hotspot for family picnics, landscape architects and geologists. You can also witness film shooting for movies during summers when the waterfalls flow full-throttle! There are also several areas of bright multi-coloured flower beds interspersed with the waterfalls and ponds which is a very attractive sight and a perfect ambience and backdrop for still photography. The old-fashioned wooden benches give a romantic feel of yore. A small lake is also present in the Rock Garden which just adds to the loveliness.

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