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Kharagpur, West Bengal: Kharagpur is a city in the District of Midnapore West in West Bengal State of India. Located at 22°19′49″N 87°19′25″E, Kharagpur has an average elevation of 100 feet above sea level. Kharagpur is the 4th largest city of West Bengal area-wise - encompassing 30 km2. Kharagpur is an industrial city.

Kharagpur gets its name from the King who ruled over this place and built the 'Khareswar' Temple - King Kharag Singh Pal.

You think Kharagpur, you think education and industries and rightly so.

Kharagpur is indeed a hub of education with the first IIT established here over a massive campus of 2100 acres. It is not a tourist spot but you could probably request entry individually or just look up their official website for campus photos and maps.

Kharagpur is an industrial town with factories of giant brands such as Tata, Siemens etc. among 20 others.

Kharagpur is also the Divisional Headquarter for South Eastern Railways. Kharagpur has a Railway Workshop which involves about 5000 employees.

Kharagpur 'Boi-mela' (Book-fair) and the 'Phool Mela' (the Flower Fair) are annual events here that draw big crowds from in and out of town.

Kharagpur city has all the amenities such as the hospitals, movie theatres, restaurants, malls, Temples, Churches, Gurudwara, Masjid and playgrounds.

Among all the Kharagpur bazaars like Gole Bazar, Puratan Bazar and Gate Bazar, the Gole Bazaar is the most popular one and is also the cheapest. You find everything here at rock bottom rates.

The biggest festival of Kharagpur is Dassera which is celebrated grandly and elaborately. The other festivals celebrated here are Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Puja, Kali Puja, Ammavaari Puja (by the Telugu population), Raas Puja, Mata Puja, Christmas, Eid and Baisakhi.

Medinipur (15 kms north), Jhargram (46 kms northwest), Kolaghat (63 kms east), Kolkata (120 kms east) are nearest big towns.

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