water gateways in Manipur

Top-Popular Beaches in Manipur-Famous Waterfalls, Parks, Dams & Rivers


Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake Loktak Lake, Bishnupur: Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake and is the only floating island..More

Khuga Dam

Khuga Dam Khuga Dam, Churachandpur: Khuga dam, built over Khuga River, located at Mata village near Churachan..More

Singda Dam

Singda Dam Singda dam, Imphal: Singda is a picturesque site near Imphal that is located at a height of 92..More

Ngaloi Falls

Ngaloi Falls Ngaloi Falls, Churachandpur: Ngaloi Falls is located in Ngaloimoul village near Churachandpur. The..More

Khayang Waterfall

Khayang Waterfall Khayang Waterfalls, Ukhrul: Khayang water fall located at Khayang near Ukhrul is a famous picn..More

Sadu Chiru Waterfall

Sadu Chiru Waterfall Sadu Chiru Waterfall, Imphal: The Sadu Chiru Waterfall near Imphal is a place to admire natura..More

Barak River

Barak River Barak River, Tamenglong: The Barak River of Tamenglong flows near Tamenglong and is a major source ..More

Kakching Lake

Kakching Lake Kakching Lake, Kakching: Kakching Lake is a beautiful tourist spot in Kakching located at the ..More

Khoudong Waterfall

Khoudong Waterfall Khoudong waterfall, Tamenglong: The Khoudong waterfall in Tamenglong is one of the seven water..More

Bishnupur Lake

Bishnupur Lake Bishnupur Lake, Bishnupur : Bishnupur Lake, located in Bishnupur city is a favorite holiday spot fo..More


Tipaimukh Tipaimukh, Churachandpur: Tipaimukh is the meeting point of Barak river and Tuivai River. Visitors ..More

Zeilad Lake

Zeilad Lake Zeilad Lake, Tamenglong: The Zeilad Lake of Tamenglong located at Makoi near Tamenglong is an ..More

Dilily Water Fall

Dilily Water Fall Dilily Waterfall, Ukhrul: The Dilily Waterfall of Ukhrul is a picnic spot of Ukhrul located in..More

Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake

Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake, Ukhrul: The Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake of Ukhrul also known as Kachouphung La..More

Waithou Lake

Waithou Lake Waithou Lake, Imphal: The Waithou Lake is a beautiful picnic spot of Imphal. Water rushes down from..More

Sekmai River

Sekmai River Sekmai River, Sekmai: The Sekmai River, also known as Sekmai Turel is about 2 feet deep near the ba..More

Molnom Waterfall

Molnom Waterfall Molnom waterfall, Moreh: The Molnom waterfall is a recently discovered nature s splendid creation i..More

Ikop Lake

Ikop Lake Ikop Lake, Thoubal: The Ikop Lake in Thoubal is located at an elevation of 772 meters above se..More

Pumlen Lake

Pumlen Lake Pumlen Lake, Thoubal: The Pumlen Lake of Thoubal is a beautiful freshwater lake. It is also famous ..More

Ukhrul Saline Springs

Ukhrul Saline Springs Saline Springs, Ukhrul: The Saline Springs of Ukhrul are the Salt springs of Ukhrul located in..More

Ukhrul Cold Water Fishery Project

Ukhrul Cold Water Fishery Project Ukhrul Cold Water Fishery Project, Ukhrul: The Cold Water Fishery Project of Ukhrul was establ..More

Lousi Lake

Lousi Lake Lousi Lake, Thoubal: The Lousi Lake of Thoubal is a popular lake among geologists. The lake ha..More

Khongman Pukhri

Khongman Pukhri Khongman Pukhri, Khongman: The Khongman Pukhri is a beautiful natural lake surrounded by lush green..More

Ukhrul Japanese pond

Ukhrul Japanese pond Japanese Pond, Ukhrul: The Japanese pond in Ukhrul is a Terrance farming and a fish pond. Fish..More
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