water gateways in Maharashtra

Top-Popular Beaches in Maharashtra-Famous Waterfalls, Parks, Dams & Rivers


Tungareshwar Water Falls

Tungareshwar Water Falls Tungareshwar waterfalls is at an altitude of about 2177 feet, one of the highest mountain plateaus ..More

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Someshwara is regarded as one among the best in the entire world itself. A ..More

Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary

Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary, Paithan: Spreading over an area of 125 hectares, the Jayakwadi Da..More


Kapildhara Kapildhara Waterfalls, Beed: Kapildhara is situated just 6 km northwest of Narmadakund, Beed. It is..More

Sautada Water Falls

Sautada Water Falls Sautada Waterfalls, Beed: Located in the village of Sautada is the beautiful waterfall which is con..More

Chinchoti Water Falls

Chinchoti Water Falls  The Chinchoti waterfalls located to the east of Vasai are a popular picnic spot for the peopl..More

Beaches at Vasai

Beaches at Vasai Vasai has a lot of beaches and the area around is often compared and referred as Mini Goa. The list..More


Lakes Thane Lakes: Thane is known for some of its spectacular lakes like:Bhoj Lake- Bhoj lake is an artif..More

Kas Talav

Kas Talav Located on the Kas Plateau at a height of above 3500 feet & built in 1844, the Kas Talav is the..More

Rankala Lake

Rankala Lake Rankala Lake, Kolhapur: Located on the western side of MahaLakshmi temple is the beautiful Rankala ..More

Ambazari Lake

Ambazari Lake The Ambazari Lake is a tranquil lake, situated just 6 kms away on the western outskirts of Nagpur. ..More

Koyna Dam

Koyna Dam The Koyna Dam is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra, which supplies water to Western Maharashtr..More

Hazara Water Fall

Hazara Water Fall The Hazara Water Falls is located at 50 km from Gondia in Salekasa Tehsil. A water fall cascading, ..More

Lonar Crater

Lonar Crater Lonar Crater Lake Maharashtra: Situated 140 kms from Buldhana district is the Lonar Crater that ran..More


Beaches Thane Beaches: Thane like other coastal regions of Maharashtra offers a whole lot of beautiful and ..More

Gokak Water Falls

Gokak Water Falls Referred to as the Niagara Falls of west India, the Gokak water fall is located just 2 hours from S..More

Dabhosa Water Falls

Dabhosa Water Falls Dabhosa Waterfall is a seasonal fall in Jawhar. This 300 ft high waterfall is located on Jawhar-Sil..More

Aronda Kiranpani Backwaters

Aronda Kiranpani Backwaters  Located on the border of Maharashtra and Goa state on the Terekhol River is the beautiful Aro..More

Water Falls

Water Falls Sindhudurg has picturesque waterfalls endowed with scenic natural beauty. Mentioned below are few o..More

Nakane Lake

Nakane Lake Nakane Lake, Dhule: The Nakane Lake is a reservoir which provides water to the city of Dhule. The s..More

Sawatsada Water Falls

Sawatsada Water Falls Located very close to the Parashuram Temple is the Sawatsada Water Falls. The falls form an idyllic..More

Khajana Bawadi

Khajana Bawadi Khajana Bawadi, Beed: The renowned Khajana Well is located at a distance of 6 km south of the town ..More

Randha Water Falls

Randha Water Falls Randha Waterfalls, Bhandardara: Located at 10 km from Bhandardara placed in the Igatpuri region of ..More

Dhom Dam

Dhom Dam Dhom Dam near Panchgani is an amazing tourist spot for water sport lovers. The elegant Krishna Rive..More

Umbrella Water Falls

Umbrella Water Falls Umbrella Waterfalls, Bhandardara: The Umbrella waterfalls is a pictorial spot below the Wilson Dam ..More

Har Har Gange Water Falls

Har Har Gange Water Falls Har Har Gange Waterfalls, Thane: The Har Har Gange waterfalls are considered India s biggest artifi..More


Beaches Sindhudurg offer a whole lot of lovely beaches, which penetrates the sea and you can see a White sa..More

Wadali Talao

Wadali Talao Wadali Talao, Amravati: Situated on the Chandur Railway Road, Wadali Talao is just 3 km away from t..More
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