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Mathura  Uttar Pradesh: Mathura is situated in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is located on the west bank of river Yamuna and forms a part of the northern plains. This city is 50 kms north of Agra, 145 kms south-east of Delhi, 11 kms from Vrindavan town and 22 kms from Govardhan, respectively. Geographically this city is located at 27°27′N 77°43′E. It is at an elevation of 174 meters or 570 feet

Mathura is one of the ancient towns of India. It was mentioned in Ramayana, the epic. In Treta Yuga, Mathura was a dense forest and was inhabited by a giant demon called Madhu. He named this place after his name as Madhuban. After killing Lavanasura (son of Madhu), Shatrughana (younger brother of Lord Rama) found this city and named it as Madhupuri. Eventually, this famous city became Mathura.

As mentioned in Garuda Purana, Mathura is one of the seven most holy places for Hindus in India. For about 3,000 years, Mathura was  the hub of culture and civilization. The city has a long and chequered history as it was held in sanctity by the Brahmanical, Buddhists and Jain faith. Mathura School of Art was a great school which flourished for 1,200 years. This school of art was the distinctive school which tried out in sculptures and clay figurines in the annals of Indian art history. Now, Mathura abounds in place of historic and religious interest. Round the year, huge number of festivals and fairs are held in Mathura.
Mathura city is the birth place of Lord Krishna. This city is also called Braj or Brij-bhoomi. The Keshav Dev Temple was built on the site of Lord Krishna’s legendary birth place. Mathura was the capital of Surasena Kingdom. It was ruled by Kamsa, the maternal uncle of Krishna.

Tourists of Mathura can taste varieties of palatable food. The most famous foods of this city are lassi (a drink prepared by blending yogurt with water and Indian spices), thandai, milk badaam and sweetened hot milk. Various types of sweetmeat balls, particularly Peda are available in Mathura. One can find various types of Pedas in this city.

As Mathura is a famous religious town across the globe, it is popular for religious and holy products. There are many shops which sell several types of holy and religious items. Tilak Dwar and Dwarakadhish Temple are the best shopping places in this city.

Mathura was an economic hub which is located at the junction of important caravan routes. The industries in this city are the major contributors to the economy of Uttar Pradesh. Mathura Refinery is one of the biggest oil refineries of Asia.

Silver polishing industry is another industry which is gradually flourishing. Textile printing industry which includes both Fabric dyeing and Sari-printing is another important industry. Besides these, other famous industries in this region are decorative and household item and water tap manufacturing units.


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