Dayalbagh Gardens, Agra

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Dayalbagh is also known as Soami Bagh or Garden of Supreme Lord. This is one of the famous memorials that are located at an accessible distance from Agra city. This garden is a unique pilgrimage site of nation. This is the headquarters of Radhasoami Satsang Movement, a religious movement. The Shiv Dayal Sahib founded this religious movement. Basically the movement follows a code which is an amalgamation of numerous religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity and Hinduism. As his preaching’s were a mixture of various religions, the architecture of this monument is also an amalgamation of Temple, Gurudwara, Vihara and Mosque.

The memorial is built completely in white marble with majestic pillars. It is of 110 feet height. The interesting feature of Dayalbagh Gardens is that it is still under construction from past 100 years

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