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Taj Museum is one of the famous tourist destinations in Agra. This is situated in the premises of Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal Museum was set up in 1982 and is located in the complex of Taj Mahal in the ground floor of Jal Mahal or Naubat Khana. It has some original drawings and detailed plans of Taj Mahal itself. It also has precious stones and gems.

Taj Mahal Museum is a very big museum consisting of two floors. It has three galleries along with the main hall. As the name suggests, Taj Mahal Museum displays all the things which are associated with Taj Mahal creation. It houses of 121 antiques which can be broadly classified into Taj Mahal plans, drawings, Royal decrees, inscription samples, Mughal miniature and Mughal manuscripts. Other items that are displayed in museum include marble pillars, specimens of decorative pieces, arms, etc.

The Main Hall comprises of paintings of Shah Jahan and his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal both on ivory and encased in ornamental wooden framework. It also has paintings from famous Persian epic Shahnama of Firdausi. This epic is an interesting manuscript of Chaihl Majlis which dates back to 1612, bearing Shah Jahan’s signature under the royal seal dated 4th February 1628 are also exhibited.

The First Gallery has the plans and drawings of salient features of the architecture of Taj Mahal. It also has the copies of the farmans of Shah Jahan dated August 1632 which are addressed to Raja Jai Singh and other farman addressed to Raja Jai Singh dated 20th June 1637 to ensure regular supply of makrana marble and other materials needed for the construction of Taj Mahal.

The Second Gallery has porcelain and jade objects on showcase. These objects include a Quran stand carved from Jade, a beautiful ornamented spouted vase, Celadon ware dishes and a mirror mounted on stone. It also showcases weapons like daggers and swords and a world map which shows the places from where the stones for the inlay work on Taj Mahal were imported. One can also find some specimens of semi-precious stones.

The Third Gallery exhibits some important royal farmans of Shah Jahan like one registering the grant of land in many villages and other confirming the grant of hereditary land to Shaikh Hatim. It also has other documents like an order from General Perron during the Shah Alam-II’s period which records the details of auction of fruits in garden of Taj Ganj mausoleum. This gallery also displays the specimen of a famous calligraphy of that period and also a couple of paintings of Taj Mahal by Daniel, a British artist painted in the year 1795.

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