Venus the Love Planet visits Lovely and Lively Planet

Venus the Love Planet visits Lovely and Lively Planet

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Not only Human, Planets are also specially interested in Travelling!!

Venus is a Beautiful Planet, also called the goddess of love as per Greek mythology. Visit us to spread love on the earth. Believe it or not, it causes an eclipse in relation with sun and earth.

On 6th June 2012, a solar eclipse caused by Venus will be visible in maximum countries on earth. This transit starts in Pacific Ocean on 5th June 2012 (UST) covers Japan, Philippines, North America, Greenland, Iceland, Eastern Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavian countries. From 6th June sunrise the transit visible in South Asia, Middle East, East Africa, and most of European countries till the sunset.

People take this a life time opportunity to see the amazing scenery in Universe. A spot can be observed in the sun during this transition period, with careful precautionary measures. Use dark coated film recommended as per astronomical dept or visit nearest planetarium places.

Scientists who are waiting to give their dedication in knowing unknown mysteries, takes this opportunities without missing it.

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