Adventures in August

Adventures in August

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Those are at the climax of happy days in our college life, so we planned to go a long trip that is north India tour. Date 26th august 2011 our journey was started from Warangal railway station at 6.30 pm name of the train SWARNAJAYANTHI EXPRESS was arrived to the platform all of we are get in to the train as we reserved the berths.  It was very nice experience in train journey from mother state Andhra Pradesh covering the different states Maharashtra, Madhyaprdesh, and Utharpradesh finally we reached to Agra around 9:40 which is our first place in tour. It is nice and royal in the next day we went to the TAJ MAHAL which is one of the wonder in the world it was really awesome, we all felt very happy to seeing the one of the most beautiful place in India. It is totally made up of milk stone and architecture is quite interesting and beside the Taj passes by Yamuna river it was so nice to see that no words to express those feelings. In middle of the Taj, tombs of Muntaj and Shajahan were placed. We spend some time in taj all of we are taken photographs in front of Taj and next we moved to Agra fort it is also one of the historical place in India. from this place we can watch the view of tajmahal we heard one thing from our guide he told that from Agra fort shajahan watch the tajmahal from where he placed by his son in Agra fort in his last days.

Took rest for 2hrs from there started and by evening we reached the Mathura where lord Srikrishna was born. The temple is wonderful and so peaceful. There is a Brindavanam, a place where radhakrishna idols are placed. And place has grants that it can develop spiritually as long as we stayed there. In Mathura almost very home has cows, treated as holy animal (GOMATHA) and lassie served in small pot like vessel is very tasty there. Milk products, sweets and other regional items are really forgettable. I have carried parceled sweets to home.

Then from there over night we travelled in bus and whole night itself to reach the Simla capital of Himachal Pradesh. Simla is one of the most visiting tourist place in India and most famous for the Apples. Apples were cheap there. The city placed on hills so it was very cool and the nature is pleasant and made us to open our eyes as much as big to see the beauty which we never see until now. Next day we went to the tourism spot kurfi, to reach that place in a special vehicle called horse. Horse riding it was one of the most memorable moments in my life, coz its first time, after 4 km on horse we reached the beautiful place called kurfi there was a garden, blossoms with different flowers and temple and exhibition. From here we can spot different landscapes like India-China border, highest peak in simla, most peace full and pleasant village with apple trees by telescope. Whole day is not enough, but after sun moved to the west we return back to the hotel rooms, in simla houses and hotels everything built on hills we surprised how  they are living on this much typical areas, from far the houses are looking like a small compartments which is towards down not like generally up wards.

The next destiny Great Indian heaven, we went to Manali which is best shooting spot in India. Never seen heaven, might be like this. From the entrance of the Manali till the end each and every scene is incredible beside the road Biyas River flowing it started from peak of Himalayas. In a single word beauty of manali cannot described. Near to our resorts hills are covered with ice flakes it was so nice to see that. The next day we are started early morning from the resorts we went to higher altitude which is tourism spot generally the way will remain closed in winter. We spend some time and play with ice it was very cool but in enjoyment we forgot about the surroundings. Before going to that place we wore the special costumes given those are made up of wool. In return we saw excellent sun set and how the fog rearranged as ice on hills and so many waterfalls are beside the road and there are several temples in that one place natural heat water coming from earth it was a miracle. So many apple gardens in that place and are famous and delicious too. Next day we reached kulu and we enjoyed river rafting in Biyas River it was most thrilling and adventurous episode in our tour it is total 7km with follow the guide instructions. Really tourism is never ending and never boring event. Same place gives us different experiences at every visit. Hats off to the nature!

Next we moved to the Amritsar in Punjab to see the golden temple. It was famous and holy place for Sikhs the temple located in middle surrounded by water look like an island. It was a tomb of gurunanak. Near to the temple jalianwalabagh located where so many patriots lost their lives in itself still we can see the bullet marks of that mishap for their remembrance there is always a flame named amarajyothi lightening. We moved to the WAGHA BORDER which is India-Pakistan border where every Indian should feel proud to our country. Every evening parade was taken by both border security officers it was so enthusiastic moment.

 Finally we moved to the Delhi the capital of our Mother Land INDIA. We watched the official places like Raj ghat, Indira Gandhi memorial, Aksharadham and India Gate which is everyone should visit in Delhi. The next day all of we went for shopping the place called palika bazaar. It was so wide the cost of materials are so chief compare to the other places we bought some items and same day evening reached to the Delhi railway station we gen on to the GRAND TRUNK EXP. Then all of we are finished our tour successfully and reached to the home safely with plenty of enjoy full, unforgettable and memorable moments in minds and carry bags in hands.


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