15 Travel Tips for this summer Travel

15 Travel Tips for this summer Travel

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One should have a clear idea what to carry while travelling during summer Season to avoid Stressful journey. Here is the list of some Travel tips for your healthy and safe travel during Summer Holiday Trip.

1.      Take Enough Time to Pack: Avoid last moment packing; it might lead you to forget some essentials which you might most require. Take enough time to think and pack the required essentials for a smart travel Trip.

Summer Travel Tips


2.      Plan Your Trip & Carry a Route Map: Always have a clear plan of the places/locations where you're travelling, to avoid missing of any important locations. Make a list and tick them as soon as you have visited that place. You can also add some places according to your time and interest.

Summer Travel Tips


3.      Get an early start: If you are travelling by flight, bus or train get an early Start. It is always better to start early to avoid last moment rush.

Summer Travel Tips


4.      Check Weather Forecast: Check the weather forecast of the place where you are travelling to keep yourself alert.

Weather Forecast


5.      Pack Your Essentials: Pack body lotion, Skin creams, hairsprays, wet tissues, sun Glasses, Torch light, Towels etc.

Pack Your Essentials


6.      Always Carry Water: To avoid de-hydration during summers always carry your own water bottle. Drink at least 3-5 liters of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Carry Water Bottle


7.      Pack some healthy Snacks & Health Drinks: Carry some snacks like cookies, dry fruits, lime water and some energy drinks etc; roadside food during car travel can be expensive and unhealthy.

Healthy Snacks & Drinks


8.      Keep Separate bag for Your Kids: Try to have a Separate bag if you are travelling with kids. Keep napkins, feeding bottles, diapers, rubber sheet, bath soaps, towels, Feeding bowl & spoon, medicines etc

Kids Travel Bags


9.      Vehicle Check: If Your travelling by your own vehicle (Car, Van) check the levels of Fuel, Oil and have spare parts like Jack, Extra Tire & tool kit to avoid problems in case of any vehicle breakdowns.

Vehicle check


10.  First aid kit: Always carry a First aid box. Don't forget to carry medicines, if you are undergoing with any health problems (Blood Pressure & Sugar etc).

First Aid kid for Travelling


11.  Carry Travelling charger & Extra Top up vouchers: Keep your cell phones charged and Carry an additional Battery, chargers and talk time vouchers to avoid un-interrupted communication during late nights (emergencies).

Travelling Charger


12.  What to wear? : Pack shorts & summer costumes. Cotton clothes are good sweat absorbers and are most comfortable during summers.

13.  Make a Checklist & Keep a close eye on all your belongings: Prepare a checklist of all your bags and belongings and always have an eye on them to avoid missing of things or thefts etc.

Checklist for Belongings


14.  Entertainment Stuff: Keep some stuff to keep you entertained like Music players, DVDs, Magazines, Tablets, cards and Gadgets etc.

Entertainment Stuff for Travel


15.  Check your Wallet: Carry some extra money, Credit cards or Debit cards for un-interrupted travelling. :P :D Tongue outLaughing 



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