Maha Shivaratri Festival 2014

Maha Shivaratri Festival 2014

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Maha Shivaratri: Shivaratri, also called as Padmarajatri or Shiva's Great Night is a very popular Hindu festival that symbolizes the marriage day of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi. Literally 'Maha' 'Shiva' 'Ratri' is, Maha means great, Shiva is the most worshipped God and Rathri means Night. Hence it is the Great Night of Shiva or Lord Shiva's night.

Maha Shivaratri Festival 2014

Maha Shivarathri is celebrated with great fervor and exuberance on Krishna Paksha (moonless fortnight) on 13th night or 14th day of Maagha or Phalguna according to Hindu calendar. This festival usually falls in the months of February and March.

Date of Maha Shivaratri in 2014: This year Shivarathri festival falls on last Thursday of February, i.e on 27th February 2014.

How Shivaratri is celebrated?

Shivaratri Festival dates 2014

Hindus celebrate Maha Shivarathri with high religious fervor. On this festive day devotes offer a ritual bath to Shiva lingam with Panchagavya (mixture of five products of cow, i.e milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and dung. They offer fruits, flowers and bael leaves to Shiva Lingam. Lord Shiva devotees keep fasting throughout the day and eat only fruits during the night time on Shivarathri. Hindus in large number gather at Shiva temples and spent the night by chanting verses and hymns of Lord. 


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