Kanuma Festival

Kanuma Festival

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Kanuma festival is a part and third day of Sankrathi festival, which is also called as festival of cattle. It is one of the significant festivals for farmers who consider cattle as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. This is the phase of Uttarayana, when the sun changes its place from the southern to the northern hemisphere.

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Spiritual significance of Kanuma

Govardhan Puja is the major ritual during Kanuma. According to mythology, on this day Lord Krishna saved the local people of Gokula who came to him for their rescue during huge flood in the village. It is said that Lord Indra-the deity of rains flooded the village out of anger and rage. Lord Krishna picked up the Govardhan hill with his little finger and gave shelter to all the villagers during floods and heavy rain for almost seven days. Seeing this, lord Indra realized his mistake and withdrew the heavy rains from Gokula.

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Rituals of Kanuma

Cinema is a very popular media in Andhra Pradesh, a lot of movies are released during this period.

This festival is dedicated to cows, bulls that forms a key part of the agriculture industry of villages.

Betting is done on the cattle and bull fighting is organized during Kanuma.

Donations are made during this festival to poor people.

On this Occasion, Family get together are a must; new son-in-laws are specially invited for this festival and to be a part of the family unions. Special non vegetarian food is prepared for the grand feast on this day.

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Kanuma Festival Video


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