Bhogi Festival 2014

Bhogi Festival 2014

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BHOGI the Festival of Harvest & Happiness

BHOGI is celebrated on first day of three days Sankranthi Festival (Pongal) and is the foremost festival of the year. This Festival usually falls mid week of January every year and celebrated for 3 days as Bhogi, Sankranthi and Kanuma. This Festival is a Telugu harvest festival for farmers.

Bhogi Festival 2014


Bhogi festival is also known as 'INDRAN' and is celebrated in honor of "the God of Clouds and Rains" - Lord Indra. Hindus of Andhra Pradesh celebrates this festival a day before Sankranthi with great religious fervor. It is believed that, this Festival brings enlightenment, peace, prosperity and happiness in the lives.

How is Bhogi Celebrated?

On this day, Hindus wake up early in the morning, take bath and decorate their houses with rangoli's (muggu) and Gobbemma (cow's dung) in front of their Houses. Tasty dishes of festival like ariselu, gaarelu, pulihora etc., are cooked and served to family members.

Gobbemma - Bhogi

To get offerings from people Haridas and Basavanna (a decorated cow) walk around the streets by changing Harikatha (story telling) on this festival day.

Harikatha - Bhogi

Bommala Koluvu, an artistic display of dolls is placed at homes by women on this festival at evening.

Bommala kolavu - Bhogi

On Bhogi, a special ritual called as 'Bhogi Pandlu' is performed. Kids are dressed up with new dresses and their parents give them Aarthi and shower Bhogi pandlu (gooseberries and sugarcanes) on their heads. It is a ritual done in a belief to protect children from evil forces and to get them good health and prosperity.

Bhogi Pandlu - Bhogi

People of all ages, especially kid's step on their buildings and fly kites with great enjoyment on this festival.


Bhogi Mantalu (bonfire): Bhogi mantalu is another ritual performed in the evening of Bhogi day, where a sacred fire is burned with cow dung cakes and the useless house hold stuff. It is believed that bonfire will destroy the darkness and brings brightness to their lives and it also cures the diseases. People stand round the bonfire and keep them warm during the last stage of winter.  

Bhogi Mantalu - Bonfire


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