17 Best Blogs About Temples in India

17 Best Blogs About Temples in India

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Religious Tourism, or Pilgrimage Tourism, is one of the fastest growing Travel market in India. Every Indian visits the temples because of the religious importance and moreover, many of them don't know the significance and history behind Indian Historic Temples. Some of the Travel enthusiasts defined very distinctly about the ancient temples in their blogs.

Though they travelled many places, still exploring the undiscovered temples and describing about them is not an easy thing, so much of patience is needed to describe the temple in such a way in their blogs. We appreciate it..!!!

Below are the 17 Bloggers, who have written about the Indian temples in a brilliant way where anyone can easily understand about the Indian culture and Traditions.

1. Satish Kumar shares Information on Ancient temples, Events in Temples @ http://divyadesamyatra.blogspot.in/



2. Veluswamy, a Retired Electrical Engineer, who shares his views on temples on his blog and still travelling.... check his blog @ http://veludharan.blogspot.in/




3. Prabhu wrote all his experiences during his temple visits @ http://prtraveller.blogspot.in/



4. Raja Chandra, who is working in Chennai and Roaming around nearby temple and he shares his temple stories on http://www.templeinformation.in/



5. Rajesh's blog is a collection of all Hill temples from all ages from different religions and countries, He shares his experiences at http://hill-temples.blogspot.in/



6. Ravi Shankar Document his visits to the temples, sharing the information about the place so that the experience will be enriched. Shares his experiences at http://drlsravi.blogspot.in/



7. Rajendran Ganesan, Being a IT Professional some triggering factors that prompted him to start this blog @ http://shanthiraju.wordpress.com/



8. Shamala Krishnan writes about various Ancient Indian temples across the country with extensive focus on certain unique facts about these religious destinations @ http://ancientindiantemple.blogspot.in/



9. Arul Prakash Muthu wrotes about temple and astrological remedies @ http://astrologicalscience.blogspot.in/



10. Ravi Kumar often visits popular temples in India and shares temple stories @ http://populartemplesofindia.blogspot.in



11.   Srikanth Matrubai, a Investment Advisor shares his religious traveled stories @ http://templesofbharat.blogspot.in/



12. Read Krishna Kumar's Blog @ http://indiancolumbus.blogspot.com/



13. Kavitha, loves to travel on pilgrimage every time and shares temples information that she visited @ http://indiatemple.blogspot.in/



14. Vishwanatan Uma, who is a temple bug writes about temples and its activities @ http://indiatempletour.blogspot.in/



15. Read Krish's Blog @ http://spiritualtemples.blogspot.in/



16. Ramu Shares the complete list of Indian Temples @ http://indiantempleslist.blogspot.in/



17. Raj Thakkar, a computer engineering student and writes about historical temples of India. Check his blog @ http://historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.com/



If You think, I have missed out any of your Cool Stuffed Indian Temples Blog and that should be here, please leave your comment under this post.

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