Is Taj Mahal a Hindu Temple or Monument

Is Taj Mahal a Hindu Temple or Monument

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It has been believed that the monument we now call taj mahal was once a Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva built by Hindu King Parmar Dev in 1196.

Researchers have been held to show that the Taj Mahal and many other buildings were not of Muslim Origin.

One of the staunch believers of the "Taj Mahal a Shiva Temple Myth" is Professor P.N Oak (Purushottam Nagesh Oak) author of "Taj Mahal: The True Story"

According to P N Oak's research he said "Mumtaz was not buried there". He even approached Supreme Court to prove his claim for permission to break open the cenotaphs and to break down brick walls in lower plinth.

In the year 2000, Supreme Court has dismissed Oak's petition on unfettered access amounts to a conspiracy against Hinduism.

tejo mahalay

Tejo Mahalay which was seized by shah jahan and renamed to Taj Mahal.

The Massive Octagonal Well is the traditional treasury well of the Lord Shiva Temple.

The Dhatura Flower essential for the worship of Lord Shiva, the flower is in the shape of hindu incantation 'OM'

Verandas, Wall decorations and tower's are familiar to Rajput Style.

There are some secret brick doors that hide more evidence. There are 22 riverside rooms in the secret story of the Taj Mahal, unknown to public.

One can perambulate through these rooms around the central octagonal sanctorum and now occupied by Mumtaz's Fake grave.

burhanpur palace

Mumtaz was supposed to be buried in the hindu palace which is located at Burhanpur, 600 miles from agra.


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