Hinglaj Yatra (One of the Shakti Peeths of Goddes Shakti)

Hinglaj Yatra (One of the Shakti Peeths of Goddes Shakti)

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Hinglaj Mata, also known as Hinglaj Devi, and Nani Mandir, is a Hindu temple in Hinglaj, a town on the Makran coast in the Lasbela district of Balochistan, Pakistan, and is the middle of the Hingol National Park. It is amongst one of the 52 Shakti Peeths of goddess Sati(Dakshayani). It is a form of Durga and Devi It is situated in a mountain cave "HINGLAJ" on river bank of "HINGHOL"at the tail of " KHEERTHAR" maintains called " KANRAJ" in TehsilLyari of Balochistan the province of Pakistan.

It is even revered by local Muslims who refer to it as 'Nani ki Mandir' and make offerings here. It is the belief of local Muslims in the shrine that has protected it. Hingula in local parlance refers to cinnabar (an ore of mercury) that was used to cure snakebite and other poisonings. The deity is believed to have the power to cure effects of poison.


Hinglaj Mata Mandir History

There are somany stories about Hinglaj Mata Mandir. According the PURAN , Once Daksha the father of Sati performed a Yagna. Daksha invited all the deities except Lord Shiva and Sati. Stil Sati the wife of Lord Shive attended the the ceremony of Yagna. In this ceremony Lord Shive was insulted by others so she unable to bear insults toward her husband.She jumped to in Agni Havan Kunda and burnt herself.

LORD SHIVA then became furious and came and took the dead body of SATI and started roaming in all the dishas and there was danger created all over the world. Hence LORD VISHNU cut the body of SATI in pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra in order to cool down LORD SHIVA's anger. 


The pieces of SATI'S body fell at different places; the head fell at KUNRAJ mountain and was so called as HINGLAJ TEERATH of SHAKT DEVI MATA. 50 pieces at different places and were known as DEVI TEERATH ASTHANS also by different names. 



Mahabharat period when King Jaidrath of Sindh constructed Devi temples.

King Sikander of Yoonan, Europe when invaded India, he fought with King Balram at Bali Kot Fort and stayed at Hingol River. At that time, yatri devotees were performing HInglaj Yatr and they were safe.

Samrat Vikramjeet, the king of India also visited Hinglaj as yatr after conquering all of India. Raja Todarmal of Mughal regime also visited this teerath. Other Rajput rajas like Bihari Mal, Raja Bhij Singh, Raja Madhoo Singh, Raja Jagat Singh of Jaipur, Ram Devji Pir of Rajasthan with his Army chief Agva Laloo Jakhraj also came to Hinglaj for yatra.

About Hinglaj Yatra

AADHI SHAKTI's ( DEVI MATA ) Hinglaj Yathra is considered as one of the the famous and biggest "TEERATHS" of Indo Pak subcontinent In respect to the Hinglaj Mata Teerath Yatra, Shri Hinglaj SevaMandli every year makes arrangement of Yatra in the month of April in the form of JATHA (means a huge and big group of around5000 people) consisted of males, females, Kids from all parts of the states of Pakistan of different languages and culture. These devotees are dressed in red caps, flags, and banners of Hinglaj and basically it renew their past memories 

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