Amazing Himalayan Treks for Thrill Seekers

Amazing Himalayan Treks for Thrill Seekers

The northern part of India is crowned with the mighty Himalayan ranges. These ranges are known for concealing the ultimate thrill in their snow-dressed mountains, mighty glaciers and steeped valleys. Thus, whenever it comes to an adventure tour, the Himalayas are regarded as the undisputed destination.

All the adventurists who wish to taste the real thrill must opt for a trekking expedition in the Indian Himalayas. Considering the same, mentioned below are the amazing Himalayan treks that are tailor-made for thrill seekers.

Kalindikhal Trek

Owing to the presence of holy shrines, Garhwal is better known as the ‘Dev Bhumi’. Various adventurous treks of Garhwal are commenced from holy destinations, and so does the Kalindikhal Trek. The expedition starts from the Gangotri Valley to reach up to the maximum altitude of 5968 meters. During the journey, the travelers are greeted with the mesmerizing natural sights offered by Tapovan - a base camp of various peaks like Shivling, Kedardome and Bhagirathi group, Vasuki Tal, Kalindikhal Pass, Arwa Tal and Mana Village. Further, the last destination of this expedition is the Badrinath Valley (an abode of Lord Vishnu). After reaching the final stop, adventurists can pay homage at the main Badrinath Temple.

Auden’s Col Trek

During 1930-40, J.B. Auden was the first person to cross one of the most challenging high mountain passes of the Garhwal Himalayas. For acknowledging his audacious effort, the pass was named after him  (the Auden’s Col Pass). The Auden’s Col pass joins two peaks - Jogin I (6465 meters) and Gangotri III (6580 meters). Further, it also combines two glaciers - the Khatling and the other is a part of Jogin I. Like the Kalindikhal Trek, this expedition also commences from the Gangotri valley, but its final destination is Kedarnath that is reached via Mayali Pass. The highest point of the trek is 5450 meters, which is reached after witnessing various marvels of nature like the forests of birch trees, picture perfect vistas of Jogin, Kedartal, Vasuki Tal, Masar Tal, Sahasra Tal and Rudragaira. Further, the fast-flowing rivers and murmuring waterfalls are some other wonders of Mother Nature that lure the adventurists. After enjoying the wonders of nature, the travelers reach Kedarnath and bow their heads before Lord Shiva.

Green Lake Trek

Located on the Zemu glacier at the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga, the Green Lake trek offers a beautiful trekking expedition. Stretched at an elevation of more than 5000 meters, this trek is highly challenging and requires expert assistance. The lake is surrounded by various towering peaks that work as a soothing sight to the sore eyes. Further, during the journey the trekkers are welcomed by a splendid variety of floral species like Blue Poppies, Rhododendrons and Primulas. While the land is bejeweled with beautiful flowers, the sky is adorned with colorful birds. Thus, the Green Lake Trek, Sikkim is nothing less than a paradise.

Pin Parvati Trek

The main highlights of trekking in the Pin Parvati Valley include snow-draped mountains, small stunning lakes and lush meadows that are adorned with blue blossoms – Meconopsis. Along with the pristine beauty of nature, the trekkers are thrilled by visiting the high altitude Maltalai Lake and the Pin Parvati Pass, which is situated at a height of more than 5000 meters. Furthermore, a little more excitement can be added to the trekking tour by enjoying rafting in the Spiti region. Amidst all this fun, trekkers are also given the opportunity to visit some of the famous Buddhist Gompas, and thus they can explore the beautiful Buddhist culture of the place.

Chadar Trek

The Tsarap River that flows down to the Zanskar region is covered with a frozen layer during winters and thus, creates the Chadar Trek. So basically, Chadar Trek is an expedition over the frozen river. The route provided by the ice-covered river connects the locals of the Zanskar region to the outer world. In fact this path is also considered as the ancient trade route of Zanskari people. Along with the thrilling experience of trekking on the frozen sheet, the trail also allows the travelers to visit some of the remote villages of Ladakh. These remote villages greet the visitors with their warm hospitality and rich culture. Thus along with adventure, frozen river trekking, Ladakh offers a beautiful memoir to take along.

The Last Note

Adventure is best defined by the Indian Himalayan Treks, thus if you are a thrill seeker then you must visit the vicinity of these natural wonders.

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