Top 10 tips for India first-timers

Top 10 tips for India first-timers

Undoubtedly, India continues to remain one of the most visited travel destinations in world. Travelling has become easier for its visitors especially foreigners who find it a lot less taxing than the earlier times. Although, the Govt. has taken ample measures to promote tourism and travelling a pleasure but still a travellers is skeptical about backpacking to India.

Whatever be your trip agenda to India, going to India for the first time can be a lot more pleasant if you follow these ten tips...

1. Know your place(s)- Browse thru some of the popular travel sites on the net and get as much related information about the place(s), attractions, culture, people, weather, plan to travel. Offhand information always helps.

2. Have a travel itinerary- It's always good to have one if you plan to avail a tour package. If not, it's not bad to go all by yourself as you may end up saving a lot of money. Have enough buffer of time in case you have a bad travel day due to unforeseen circumstances. Have an alternative option in place if you do not plan to avail a package deal.

3. Book early -Booking your room in advance in a hotel or lodge can really make your trip pleasant. If you buy a package, chances are high that you may get a hotel also booked along with it, or else see that you book it online after checking the check-in, check-out time, facilities, reviews and ratings provided by other users.

4. Travel light-The lighter you travel the better your journey. A backpack should suffice with bare minimums as you need not hire a 'Coolie' if you are travelling light. Locals may not worry you to carry your luggage if you have just a backpack.If not you may end wasting a lot of time bargaining.

5. Hiring Taxis & Autos -This a common sight if you have just got out of a train, flight or bus. You will see a volley of cab and auto drivers asking you- 'KahaanJaanaHai?' meaning- 'Where do you want to go?' Never fall prey to them as they will charge you exorbitantly. It's always better to contact the nearest tourism center or policeman who can help you get to your destination in the best possible way.

6. Food stuff & water - Always carry some snacks that are light on your tummy. Check out on some of the restaurants nearby which offer good hygienic food. Vegetarian food should be on your preference list instead of non-vegs.Can go for specialtiesif the place has to offer. Mineral water is a must while travelling in India, so check the bottles and seals before purchasing as some may turn out to be local brands which should be avoided.

7. Have the local phone no's-Make sure to carry all local important phone numbers(Police, Tourist Center, etc.) of the place you plan to visit, these may come in very handy if needed.

8. Carry minimum cash- Plastic money should suffice while travelling in India;most of the places accept credit and debit cards. Try carrying minimum cash.

9. Entry fees -Try checking out attractions if there is an entry fees or not, as some may have and some won't but it's always good to check from the tourism authorities. Cameras and videos also need to be checked as some of the religious attractions may not permit.

10. Best time to travel - Make a note of the best time to visit the place or attraction. It is always advisable to see places in India during the winter season which happens to be from October to March. 


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