How to avoid Nausea and Vomiting while travelling

How to avoid Nausea and Vomiting while travelling

Suffering from nausea and travel sickness is not new. I for one have always taken care of this while travelling in mountains. The curvy roads make me nervy, within half an hour of entering the steep bends, winding, up and down roads… I am ready to feel miserable and till I do not vomit am bound to make others life miserable too. Once I am in that state I start getting advice from all quarters of people travelling with me. Be it travelling by bus (always make sure to take the window seat) or a/c driven cars or flights I am bound to vomit at least once before I feel good. I guess this happens due to one’s body’s inadaptability to the changing climate or travel motion and fluids within the semicircular canals of the inner ear getting agitated.

The best ways to avoid spoiling your journey is…

1. Always carry some vitamin C tablets or orange sweet toffees
2. If travelling in an a/c car try to occupy the front seat, request the driver to drive at a low speed and keep one of the windows open to get rid of the air within
3. Avoid reading books or magazines while travelling
4. Always sit facing the road, never sit sideways
5. Avoid intake of food or liquids before or while travelling or try having a time gap of at least an hour between intake of food and journey. Intake smaller quantity of food 
6. Avoid sitting on wheel humps or near the smell of petrol and diesel
7. Always take the window seat in case you feel like vomiting 
8. Wear loose and comfortable clothing

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