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Veeranjaneya Temple is located near Thiruvalluvar temple near Sanskrit College at Mylapore. This temple is one of the ancient Lord Hanuman temples of Chennai. Veeranjaneya Temple is also known as Thanneer Thurai Anjaneyar Koil since it is situated near Thaneer Thurai Vegetable market. At present this temple is also known as Luz Anjaneyar temple. The main shrine of this temple is Hanuman (Anjaneya), who is known to be very powerful and fulfills your wishes.

The main shrine of Anjaneya Swami is facing west in “Ardha Shilapa” form looks as if walking towards South. Anjaneya wears Kundalam on his ears, his eyes are bright hue. His right hand is in “Abaya Mudra” and his left hand is resting on the hip and holding “Gatha”. He wears Armlets known as Keuura on his arms and on his wrists he wears kankana. An anklet known as Thandai is worn on his Lotus feet. His tail is raised above the height of head and pointing towards south.

Apart from the main shrine of Hanuman, Veera Anjaneya temple also has shrines that of Lord Rama, Ganesha, Garuda and Haygrivar. 

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