Alamelumangapuram Anjaneyar Temple, Mylapore

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Alamelumangapuram Anjaneyar Temple is one of the famous modern day temples apart from the ancient temples in Mylapore. It is located near PS School in Alamelumangapuram (a small lane near the Sai Baba Temple), Mylapore.

In this temple the main shrine of Hanuman is of 16 feet, made of Granite stone is the highlight of the temple. This idol facing north is perhaps the tallest idol of Anjaneya.
Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated continuously 3 days very grandly in this temple. People can participate in the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanthi.

The other shrines of the temple are that of Lord Ganesha, Rama, Hayagreeva and Garud. Surrounding the main shrine in the corridor various forms of Hanuman, such as Panchamukha Hanuman (five faced Hanuman) and Yoga Anjaneya can be seen.

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