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Sri Immayil Nanmai Tharuvar temple is a temple where Lord Shiva worshipped himself. The scriptures narrate the story of Brahma and Vishnu worshipping Lord Shiva but the temple has the history that Shiva worshipped himself. Lord Shiva himself installed the Linga here. It is firmly believed by the locals that, one worshipping the Lord Shiva here is relieved of all sins in this birth itself and qualifies for a birth in heaven. This is the philosophy behind the name Immayil Nanmai Tharuvar meaning he gives all benefits in this birth itself. Behind the presiding deity there is also a scene showing both the Lord and his Consort worshipping Shiva.

The Lord Shiva appears along with his consort in a wedding pose in this temple.  The temple represents the Prithvi (Earth) philosophy. This is the holy place where Lord Shiva sold bangles for women. This deed is depicted the 63 Thiruvilayadalgal (Miracle deeds).  The Mandapam where the Lord sold bangles is still here.

In the name of Naduvur Nayaki, Madhyapuri Amman also graces the devotees at this temple. According to scriptures, Sage Patanjali performed penance here. As the temple is facing west, it is believed according to his scriptures, the prayers of the devotees are immediately fulfilled.

Devotees worship the Lord with honey, oil, tender coconut, rose water and offer sari to Goddess. Those whoever can afford feed the visitors and donate generously for the maintenance of the temple.

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