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Palar River in Tamilnadu: Palar River is in Southern part of India. Palar River starts in Nandi Hills, Kolar district, Karnataka State in India. This river flows 93 km in Karnataka, 33 km in Andhra Pradesh and 222 km in Tamil Nadu before it merges into the Bay of Bengal at Vayalur, which is 100 Km south of Chennai. This River emerges near Bethamangala town after it flows as a Guptagamini (means Underground course) for a long distance only to come out near Bethamangala town, down the Deccan Plateau, eastward. On the banks of Palar River Vaniyambadi, Ambur, Vellore, Melvisharam, Arcot, Walajapet, Kanchipuram and Chingleput are the major cities.

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