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Coming to Jaisalmer and not going on a desert safari makes your tour incomplete. So there is Sam sand dune 45 Km away from Jaisalmer city waiting for you to show its beauty.  Sam has a great stretch of sweeping sand dunes with no or very little vegetation. The only thing visible around is the vast ocean of sand.  

So what are you waiting for!  Tie a turban around your head set on camel caravan and ride along the crest and troughs of Thar Desert. Experience the sun setting behind the horizon residing in a camp. Enjoy the rustic and earthy music and dance of Rajasthan with other tourists lighting a bonfire.

In the month of February/ March this whole place turns into a cultural hub as desert festival is organized amidst these dunes which portray the Rajasthani culture as a whole. Various activities which take place in this festival are:

  • Open air cultural extravaganzas
  • Puppet shows
  • Folk dance performances
  • Camel races
  • Competitions
  • General festivities

This annual event is held with great pomp and show at Sam Sand dunes of Jaisalmer

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Special Rates Spirit Desert Camp Jaisalmer From 01-Oct. 2014 to 31-March 2015 Rack Rates Double Occupancy Rack Rate: INR 7,000 MAP All Inclusive Single Occupancy Rack Rate: INR 6,000 MAP All Inclusive Special Rates Double Occupancy: INR 3,500 MAP All Inclusive (B/Fast, Dinner and Camel Safari) Single Occupancy: INR 3,000 MAP All Inclusive (B/Fast, Dinner and Camel Safari) The Supplement cost for lunch Rs.500/- Per Person The above rates are “NETT” and Inclusive of: Welcom... added by   rajendra singh on Jun 25 2014
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