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Nathdwara City Travel Guide

Nathdwara is strategically located in the south of Rajasthan. It is at the foot hills of Aravali mountain range, on the Bank of the river Banas. Nathdwara is in the district of Rajsamand about 48km from Udaipur. Nathdwara is situated in 25º North latitude and 73.8º East longitude and Altitude of 585 meters. The annual average rainfall over is 60cm.

Summer: Max 42 ºC Min. 25 º C
Winters: Max 22 ºC Min.2 ºC
Rainy season is from July to September, humidity reaches 90%. 

Nathdwara is a Sanskrit word which means “Dwara – Door & Nath – God”. The name suggests that Nathdwara is the ‘Gate way of Shrinathji (Lord Krishna)’ or ‘Gate of the Lord’. The shrine of Shrinathji was built in 17th century at the exact place where lord Shrinathji showed himself.

Nathdwara town is located in idyllic environment with river Banas on the west and north and Aravali Mountain girdling it on all other sides. The town is situated on NH-8. Nathdwara is famous for the temple of Shrinathji which is devout place for Hindu’s especially for Vyshnava’s. Nathdwara is also famous for Pichhwai paintings (Large paintings on cloth with Lord Krishna and Gopikas). These paintings are recognized for opulent use of pure gold color. The town also is applauded for Haweli music (devotional music).

‘Holi and Shri Krishna Janmashtami’ are major festivals at Nathdwara. At the time of Holi, Janmashtmi, and Diwali people gather in huge numbers in the main streets of town to celebrate festivals. ‘Annakutta’ (allied to Lord Krishna lifting Govardhana Giri) is a very special festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement. Despite being a small town Nathdwara has a beating township around the temple.

Food in Nathdwara is available in many varieties. Food stalls on the road are famous for their delicious, succulent street food. The town is famous for its Khaman, Kand, Jilebi & Papada, mukhwas (mouth fresheners) and all kinds of Jeera Golis. The Thandai is a famous drink available at Nathdwara made up of pure milk and dry fruits. At the end of the day one can enjoy with Kasmiri special soda which is a digestive drink.

Janmashtami that comes during August–September is the most preferred time to visit Nathdwara.

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