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Ranthambhore is located in the district of Sawai Madhopur in the state of Rajasthan, India. Ranthambhore is encircled by the hill ranges of Vindhya and Aravalli and is close to the periphery of Thar Desert. This strategic location of Ranthambhore provides the rare combo of desert lands and the plains with hills around. It is one of the most preferred wild life tourist destinations of Rajasthan situated on coordinates 26°01′02″N 76°30′09″E. Apart from the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve the place also offers many more attractions worth visiting around it. Ranthambhore has the distinction of being one of the most adaptable and appropriate places in the world to picture tigers in their natural habitat.

The name of this place is after the formidable fort built by Chauhan warriors in 944 AD perched on the nearby Ran and Thanbhore hill. Hence it came to be known as Ranthambhore.

Surrounded amidst Vindhya and lush Aravalli hill ranges, Ranthambhore is in the southeastern region of Rajasthan state which is a natural habitat for a variety of species of flora and fauna due to the Ranthambhore National Park located here. The place is nothing short of a dream destination for every wildlife enthusiast with rocky hills, pretty lakes and beautiful ravines. It’s a picturesque destination offering estranged and exotic breeds to its visitor in the Animal Kingdom.  The mesmerizing ride through the undulating grasslands makes it the best place to squander if you want to witness the rich legacy of an ancient township. The city is more than just a wildlife park as it provides majestic relics of ruined pavilions, architectural splendors and other glittering edifices of past kingships to transform you amidst a glorious past.

Ranthambhore Project Tiger Reserve has the distinction of having a large town right next to it.  Sawai Madhopur also known as the Old City and Man town are twin towns. The railway station and the main market are extended and newer blocks of Sawai Madhopur and constitute the Man town. The road from Man Town to Ranthambhore is a well laid and smooth one. This road has hotels and lodges lined along with it.  It is not permitted to stay inside the park and hence all the facilities of accommodation are located on this road known as Ranthambhore Road.

The Sawai Madhopur provides the market for produce of the rural population from the wilderness. Winter guavas, red chilies and mustard are some popular produce sold in these markets. Tourism, associated trades to tourism and transportation industries contribute to the local economy. Maharajas of Jaipur developed Ranthambhore as their royal tiger reserve. Huge pavilions, forts and watch towers are built across the reserve and the Ranthambhore town can be viewed over from the massive Ranthambhore fort.
Ranthambhore National Park Safari:
Ranthambhore National Park Safari is conducted in summer and winter. Few select and approved vehicles are allowed into the Ranthambhore National Park. These vehicles have to follow a fixed route and not more than 2 vehicles can travel at any time on a given route. Every vehicle must leave the park by 1830 hours (6:30 P.M.). The most commonly used vehicles in Safari are jeeps, with maximum 6 people including a driver and guide. Canters, the open backed vehicles seating up to 25 members are the other economical option to tour the National Park. 

Winter Timings:
Entry time for Morning Safari: 0730 hrs
Exit time for Morning Safari : 1030 hrs

Entry time for Evening Safari : 1500hrs
Exit time for Evening safari : 1730 hrs

Summer Timings:
Entry time for Morning Safari: 0630 hrs
Exit time for Morning Safari :    0930 hrs

Entry time for Evening Safari : 1600hrs
Exit time for Evening safari : 1830 hrs

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