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Pushkar is a small town located 13 km from Ajmer in Eastern Rajasthan. Situated on the edge of the Thar Desert this town has Nag Parbat (snake hill) separating it from Ajmer. Pushkar covers an area of 9.8 sq Km and is located at an altitude of 413 meters. The town is spread on the shores of the divine Pushkar Lake. Pushkar climate is desert climate. 

As per Hindu scriptures Lord Brahma used his weapon the Lotus Flower on the demon Vajranabha and killed him. At that instance three petals of the flower fell on earth. Three water springs emerged from the ground creating three lakes from the spots where the petals were dropped. The ponds created from the lotus flower of Lord Brahma’s hand were named as Pushpa (flower) and Kar (hand) that is Pushkar. The three lakes are identified as Pushkar Lake or Jyeshta Pushkar (first Pushkar), Madhya Pushkar (middle Pushkar) and Kanishta Pushkar (last Pushkar). The town that was developed around these lakes got the name as Pushkar.

Pushkar is one of the oldest and five most revered pilgrim sites of Hindus in Ajmer district. Pushkar is considered as the foremost pilgrimage to be made and is considered as ‘Tirth Raj’ king of all pilgrims as per Hindu religion. This holy city has around 400 temples in its vicinity and is termed as a town of temples with the main and primary temple being that of Lord Brahma. Pushkar has become a preferred destination for international tourists in the recent past.  Thousands of people flock to this serene and silent town during the annual Pushkar Camel fair. 

Pushkar town is located on the banks of the sacred lake Pushkar. The town has many small temples apart from five popular ones. All these temples have been destroyed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in the latter half of the 17th century. These temples have been rebuilt and renovated by the department of Archaeology. The famous 52 bathing ghats of the sacred lake Pushkar are the most visited. The 14th century Temple of the Hindu God of creation, Lord Brahma is the most popular one in this town. 

Pushkar town is vegetarian with no meat, eggs or alcohol available. Delicious and mouth watering vegetarian food courts are plenty and buffet is popular meal around the town.

Baza Bazar, Sarafa Bazar and Kedalganj Bazar are the main shopping localities. 

A walk on the banks of Lake Pushkar is most advised to enjoy the town, sunsets and the beautiful colors that take on the lake water as the day passes by. 

Excursions to places close by like Kuchaman forts and Palaces and Kishangarh are very popular and Camel Safari is an excellent activity to be enjoyed during the tour of Pushkar.


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