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Chittorgarh is a city and a municipality located in Southern Rajasthan state on the banks of Berach River a tributary of river Banas. It is also the district headquarters that lies between 23° 32' and 25° 13' north latitudes and between 74° 12' and 75° 49' east longitudes. Chittorgarh is at an altitude of 394 meters from sea level. 

Chittorgarh gets its name from the founder of the city Maharaja Chitrangad Maurya. Over passage of time Raja Man Maurya (Mori) was the last Maurya ruler of Chittorgarh. Bappa Rawal was the nephew of Raja Man Mori and he was the founder of Mewar Kingdom as well as the Mewar dynasty that took over Chittorgarh and brought laurels to it.

Chittorgarh is on top of a seven mile long hilly region and is consolidated by solid and strong fort, towers, palaces and adorned with temples. Chittorgarh is a very popular and historic city of Rajasthan. It was the centre of power for which many battles were fought. Chittorgarh had the flags of bravery and sacrifice always high never giving up honor for comfort. Tourists are left amazed at the legendary and historic men and women of Chittorgarh standing for their nation, people, pride and honor.

Chittorgarh is a city with Municipality and the administrative district headquarter of Chittorgarh district.  Chittorgarh shopping is very famous for the unique items that can be cherished for their beauty and fine workmanship. The most popular shopping areas of Chittorgarh markets display Unique and attractive products and wide choice of varieties in metal ware, fabrics, footwear and handicrafts of typical Rajasthani mark.

The most visited markets of Chittorgarh are:
Fort Road Market:
Apart from the fabrics and metal wear with Rajasthani essence, vegetable dyed products, embroidered products, camel leather products and jewelry are the special buy of this market. Handicrafts with mark of Rajasthani culture and tradition also attract the shoppers.

Rana Sanga Market: Typical Rajasthani leather footwear known as Jutis is the shopper’s favorite item of this market. Rajasthani embroidery products, Aloka printed fabrics are the preferred souvenirs taken back from this market.

Sadar Bazaar: Very attractive and unique Thewa Jewellery of Rajasthan is the most popular product of this market.

Chittorgarh has prominent place in the Industrial map of the state of Rajasthan. Zinc Smelting Industry, Marble Industry and Cement industries are very popular in Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh is a legitimate producer of Opium crop of high quality meeting international standards.

Hindustan Zinc Smelter, Chittorgarh: It is the biggest and modern Zinc Refinery of India located 10 km north of Chittorgarh. The refinery deals in commodities like Copper, Lead and Silver.

Marble Industry in Chittorgarh: Marble has the meaning shining stone. Marble occupies a unique position amongst the building stones; historically marble was used in constructing temples, mosques, palaces and monuments. Chittorgarh district possesses large deposits of marble and hence has Marble industry prospering day to day.        
Cement Industry of Chittorgarh: Rajasthan state has extensive cement grade limestone reserves and Chittorgarh district is the main cement producer in Rajasthan. Birla Cement Works and Aditya Cements Works Ltd are popular cement industries at Chittorgarh.

Opium: India has the largest legitimately produced opium. Indian produce of opium is considered to be of the best quality and has great demand in the international market. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are the states that cultivate legitimate opium under strict regulations and control of Government. Chittorgarh is one of the districts where Opium cultivation is allowed in Rajasthan. The opium is used in pharmaceutical industries in making certain drugs.

Annual Fair Jauhar Mela:
Jauhar Mela is the biggest Rajput festival held and hosted in the fort city of Chittorgarh. It is an Annual Fair held during February – March. It commemorates Rani Padmini's jauhar, the most famous of all Jauhar in the Chittorgarh. However tributes are paid to all three Jauhar that took place at Chittorgarh Fort. A procession is taken out to celebrate the Jauhar, honor and respect upheld by the brave women of Rajput clan and many surviving descendants of the princely families. Eventually this event also became a forum to voice out opinions on the current political situation in the country.

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How were the retiring rooms?Are they clean?... added by   nikki on Sep 23 2014
bappa rawal did not got chittore in dowry from marriage with solanki's daughter but he got from his maternal uncle(man mori/maurya ,a parmar king of chittore), the mother of bappa was parmar and cousin sister of man maurya... added by   jagmohan singh rawat on Aug 10 2013
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