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Bundi is a municipality and administrative headquarter of Bundi District.  Bundi is located 36 km from Kota and is identified as the ‘Queen of Hadoti’ in the state of Rajasthan. Bundi is relatively less explored city compared to other cities of Rajasthan. Bundi city shares borders with Tonk in North, Bhilwara in the west and Chittorgarh district on the south-west corners. The southern and eastern borders are the banks of river Chambal marking the Bundi and Kota territories. Bundi is a magnificent destination that has something in store for everyone.  It has rich history, great eco-system, heritage, culture and it also boasts of sites with huge archeological importance.

Bundi is located at 25.44° N latitude and 75.64°E longitude at an altitude of 268 meters above sea-level. The climate at Bundi is tropical due to its location in a desert state of Rajasthan.

It was named after Bunda Meena, the chieftain of the Meena tribe that once inhabited the region.

Blessed by the bounty of rich history and affluent natural resources, Bundi is home to magnificent palaces and imposing fort structures which have witnessed many great battles and legendary tales of honor. The place is crisscrossed with some of the most scenic lakes, rivers and spellbinding waterfalls. Besides this, Bundi is well ahead in terms of Agriculture and industrialization. It is renowned for the finest quality of basmati rice grown in the district and exported the world over. Bundi sandstone is preferred in international markets and the export of this sandstone earns large volume of foreign exchange to the nation. Bundi palace was built using the locally quarried sandstone and stands as the best example of the product quality. Cement, soya and edible oil etc are the other industries that dominate the region of Bundi.

Bundi is a picturesque location that offers peace and tranquility unlike other popular tourist destinations that are generally crowded.  It gives a feel of an oasis in the desert state of Rajasthan. Bundi has a huge footfall of tourists from India and abroad who flock to see a cluster of attractions. Historical monuments of finest of Rajput architecture, natural beauty, scenic dams, ponds, wild forests, fairs and festivity make Bundi a preferred destination. Bundi caters to the sensitivities of people from different walks of life. Noted personalities such as Sir Rudyard Kipling, Rabindra Nath Tagore, and Satyajit Ray were attracted towards Bundi, spent time here and added Bundi in their works of art. Besides forts, palaces and art Bundi’s traditional water reserves, known as Baori or step wells that served as drinking water reservoirs during many summers are very famous in the district. The Dhabai Kund is popular as Dhabaiyon Ka Kund or Jail Kund as the Bundi's Central Jail is located close to this place.

Shopping at Bundi has a different perspective.  Bazaars of Bundi are visited to stroll through ancient shops that date back to as far as the 17th century and are in dilapidated state and still selling variations of what they originally sold. Silver jewellery among other typical Rajasthani handicrafts is available in these markets and it is encouraging to note that the prices here are much lower compared to major towns. Sadar bazaar and Chaumaukh bazaar are the main shopping areas. English, Hindi, Rajasthani and Marwari are the common languages spoken here.

Bundi is a culturally rich place and many festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm.  The important festivals are Kajali Teej, the Gangaur Festival and Bundi Festival.

Kajali Teej: is a very popular festival of Bundi. It is celebrated in the month of August every year. Goddess Teej is worshipped in this festival. The festival is marked by a large and colorful procession in town and people from all parts of the city participate in the festivities. Decorated camels and elephants add glitter to the procession.  The festival is celebrated at length with many cultural and sportive events. 

The Gangaur Festival: celebrates the wedded life of Shiva and Parvati. Women celebrate and pray for the welfare of their spouse and family. Young girls also participate in the festival for a happy wedded bliss.

Bundi Festival: is a spectacular Hadoti heritage festival celebrated every year after the Kartik Purnima that comes in the month of November. The celebrations include folk and classical music and dance, exhibition of arts and crafts, ethnic sportive events, a turban competition and a brilliant display of fireworks.

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