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Ajmer, Rajasthan Tourism: The city of Ajmer is located on the south west of Jaipur at 26° 27, N. latitude and 74° 44, E. longitude, on the lower slopes of Taragarh Hill, of Aravalli mountain Ranges at an altitude of 413 meters. Ajmer is geographically in the heart of the Rajasthan state  and covers an area of 9.8 sq km. Ajmer is exactly set at the point where the rocky Aravalli Hills end and the Thar Desert begins. A large artificial lake called Annasagar is to the north of the city.

The city of Ajmer is close to the Thar Desert and hence it is very hot in summers, temperatures soar up to 45 – 50C. 

Ajmer city has monsoon between the months of July to Sept and turns green with the first rains. Winters are very cold with temperatures falling below 4 C.

The city of Ajmer derives its name from ‘Ajaimeru’ after the founder Ajai Pal Chauhan.  Ajai Pal Chauhan founded the city of Ajmer in the seventh century. He constructed a hill fort "Ajaimeru" or the “Invincible Hill ". The city was the stronghold of the Chauhan clan till 1193 AD. Ajmer fell under the Mughal rule when Mohammed Ghori took over the city from Prithviraj Chauhan. Since then Ajmer became home to many dynasties, which came and left behind indelible marks of their culture and traditions on the city's history. Ajmer turned into an amalgam of various cultures and a blend of Hinduism and Islam.

Ajmer city is surrounded by hills all around and Annasagar Lake on its north. It gives a picture of an oasis which experiences a large footfall of tourists due to its natural beauty and its historical importance. Ajmer is a centre of culture and education.  The city’s most admired and highly inspiring Mayo College for boys was set up by the British. The city also houses the famous Sophia Girls' School & College and the historic Ajmer Music College. The place offers good shopping experience to the tourists at the famous markets of Madar Gate, Churii Bazzar, Naya Bazzar, Prithvi Raj Marg, and Kesarganj. Metal ware like Pitchers and Urns, Cane Chairs and Cane Stools are essential part of Ajmer shopping besides Shawls and Rose Attar. As per 2011 India census, Ajmer had a population of 2,584,913.

The Urs Festival Ajmer:
The Urs festival is held in the months of November and December. Not just the Dargah but the entire town of Ajmer wears a festive look during this festival. The death anniversary of the revered Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is marked by the Urs Festival. Devotees from across the country visit the Dargah during the festival to pray for fulfilling their wishes. It is considered as the largest Muslim festival in India.

During these festival prayers, mehfils, qawwalis and meetings are held remembering the Saints teachings. An interesting event called loot of kheer is held.  A milk based sweet called kheer is prepared and it is kept open for all devotees to enjoy.

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