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Taragarh Fort also known as the Star Fort is considered to be the pride of Bundi. This commanding fort was built on a hill around 500 meters above sea level. Taragarh fort is located within the town and a path up behind the Chitrashala going up towards east will lead to the fort. This Fort was built by Rao Bar Singh in the 13th century.  Taragarh Fort was a strong fort of the Chauhan clan with enormous constructions to protect the city. Taragarh is an exceptional fort in terms of having the main palace lying outside the actual fort and being encircled by an independent bastion with another wall enclosing both adding to the strength of the fort.

Due to the high altitude of its location the Taragarh Fort commands a spectacular view over the Bundi town. Rudyard Kipling wrote, "No human hand can create such a splendor; for only angels have that skill" when he visited Bundi’s Taragarh Fort a century ago. Taragarh Fort has immense archaeological and historical importance. The three gateways of the fort Taragarh are namely Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak. The fort also has the interesting belief of tunnels under ground that were used by the king and his generals to escape in case of abrupt attack. However these tunnels have not been located so far.

Some of the prime attractions of the Taragarh fort at Bundi are:

  • Water reservoirs:These reservoirs built in the fort were used for the storage and supply of water to the Garh Palace and public in case of scarcity. The full release of the water from the water reservoir was said to be big enough to wash away the people residing below. An interesting feature is that there were sluice gates in these reservoirs and every time the water level rises above the danger level, these gates were opened. The gushing water flowing in lanes of the city gave an appearance of miniature canals.
  • Bhim Burj and Garbha Gunjan:The cannon named as Garbha Gunjan is of a massive size housed under the stone tower Bhim Burj within the premises of the fort. Bhim Burj is ranked second in size in India.
  • Rani Mahal:Rani Mahal is a small palace for the wives and the royal women of the King.

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