Devi Kund, Bikaner

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Devi Kund is a popular tourist spot where the royal crematoriums were built. Devi Kund is a wonder place which attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Each cenotaph is dedicated to the remembrance of rulers of Bika (Rathor) dynasty and is located on the place where their funeral was conducted according to the Hindu norms.

The cenotaph (Chhatri) of Maharaja Surat Singh Ji is a good example of architecture. The ceilings of the cenotaphs demonstrate some delicate Rajput paintings. One can enjoy the art work of beautifully carved sculptures of these cenotaphs. The names of the emperors of Bikaner are carved on the cenotaphs. The cenotaphs of the queens (royal wives) at this cremation ground are imprinted with the footprints bearing henna patterns. The henna patterns strained on the footprints are reminiscent of the wedding ceremony and other celebrations. The Chhatris of the children are smaller in size and do not bear the shelters (canopies). The attractive murals drawn on the ceiling bear small pictures. Some of the cenotaphs at Devi Kund are also enclosed with inscriptions that remind us of the splendor of the Rathors.

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