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This wonderful fort was built by three rulers of Kachwahas namely Raja Man Singh who ruled Amber region during 1590 - 1614 AD (he initiated the project), Mirza Raja Jai Sigh (he took over the cudgels from Raja Man Singh) and Sawai Jai Singh (Fort was Finished by him). This gigantic fort took as long as two centuries to build. The foremost part of the work completed during 16th century. Amber fort lies on the banks of Maota Lake. The well-built walls of the amber fort were aimed to serve as a protection against attacking enemies.

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Forts are the historical monuments of India. The time flies quickly admiring and studying them. there are many forts in Maharashtra too.To know more about them please visit added by   Punefirst on Aug 4 2014
Wow... seems a must see place... added by   on Apr 17 2013
I've been there and it's awesome....... added by   Advaita Diyali on Feb 16 2013
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