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Jaigarh fort is a popular attraction in the city of Amber. It is also known as Victory fort which is the most spectacular fort next to Amber fort in Amer city. This fort has retained its original charm intact, till date. The original and old fort of Amber dating back to previous Meena or Rajas period is interconnected by series of encircling fortification with Jaigarh fort. This impressive fort is situated at the top of the hill called Cheel ka Teela (also known as hill of Eagles) at a height of 400 feet above. The main aim to build this fort was to serve as a defense to the city of Amber and it has a great architectural excellence of the former ages. There are many water channels housed in the Jaigarh fort which were possibly part of a magnificent rainwater harvesting system. And also 3 underground water tanks are there; in those the largest one has a capacity to store 60 lakh gallons of water. There is a museum in the fort with excellent collections of photographs, coins, and royal possessions of Maharajas. Inside the fort there is an armory that exhibits a major collection of muskets, swords, shields and a 50kg cannon ball. The charming fort of Jaigarh is truly a wonderful attraction for tourists interested in historical heritage of India. Main gate of the fort is known as Dungar Darwaza. The walls of this fort are spread over 3 km. There is a canal at the fort which was used to bring the water from high hills of Cheel ka Teela and stored in the fort for army men within the fort. Legend says that the compartments below the water tank were used by Kings of Amber to store treasury. Hence Jaigarh fort was seized for almost seven years by government because of a rumor that a huge treasure of gold and jewelry was hidden in the fort. However after some excavations and many searches the government found nothing. Then the Jaigarh fort has been opened to tourists since the past few years.

Jaigarh fort includes several magnificent attractions like Jaivan cannon, Vijaygarh, Jaigarh cannon foundry, Diya Burj, museum, Palace complex and Laxmi vilas palace.

Jaivan Cannon:
Jaivan is famous as the largest cannon in the world; it has been positioned at the top of a tower inside the fort. It has a trajectory of about 20 km, 8 m barrel, and weighs approximately 50 tons. The Jaivan cannon has wheels with nine feet in diameter and twenty feet long barrel. It is said that Jaivan is so big that it took four elephants to rotate on its axis. However, most surprising point is that the Jaivan cannon was never used till date. It was only tested by Jai Singh during 1720AD and the ball of cannon fell about 38km away. The collision of this test fire resulted in collapse of many homes in Jaipur and the formation of a lake on the spot.

Vijay Garh:
Vijay Garh is a part of the Jaigarh fort that was used to serve as its weapon store. It has a great collection of small arms and swords including time bombs. One can also try a fire with mini cannon kept there by their own hands.

Jaigarh Cannon Foundry:
Jaigarh cannon foundry is one of the few surviving medieval foundries in the world. It was built by Bhagwan Das during 16th century. Jaigarh Cannon foundry has a lathe, furnace, tools and a collection of cannons. There is a spot known as Damdama Inside the foundry, where ten cannons were kept in a single row facing to the Delhi road.

Diya Burj:
Diya Burj is a tower of lamps having seven storied structure that symbolizes the highest point of Jaigarh fort. This construction offers an excellent view of the cities of Amber and Jaipur.

The museums are located inside the fort and have an excellent collection of photographs, paintings, ancient coins and puppets. There are also a 16th century coin container and a balance for measuring explosives displayed in the museum.

Lakshmi Vilas Palace:
Laxmi Vilas Palace is another beautiful attraction in Jaigarh fort. The palace is decorated with lovely blue frescoes. There is also an old garden (established by Mughal), a little auditorium where puppet shows, dance and music shows were held for the entertainment of Maharajas.

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