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History of Kotkapura: Kotkapura is an ancient town founded in 1661 AD by Nawab Kapura Singh (Nephew of Bhallan, founder of Faridkot principality). The town was founded on the suggestion of a famous Hindu ascetic, Bhai Bhagat. Kapura Singh was the chaudhry of 84 villages. Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth guru of Sikhs, on his journey from Machhiwara, after various small stopovers, reached Kotkapura and requested Nawab Kapura for his fort to fight against Mughal army. Though Kapura Singh was a Sikh, he refused to bestow the fort as he did not want to earn the ire of Mughals by helping Guru Gobind Singh ji in a openly. The battle of Muktsar between Gobind Singh and the Mughal army would have been at Kotkapura if the Fort was given to the Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh moved on to Dhilwan Kalan and to Talwandi Sabo via Guru ki Dhab. Later on, Nawab Kapura met Guru Ji and asked forgiveness for his disgraceful act, for not being of any help to him in providing the fort. Later in 1705, during the battle of Muktsar Nawab Kapura assisted Guru Ji in un-disclosed manner. In 1708 Kapura was killed by Isa Khan Manj. Kapura had three sons Sukhia, Sema and Mukhia. Mukhia killed Isa khan and got control over the whole region. In the year 1710 second son, Sema was also killed in the battle. Later in 1720 Kapura’s eldest son Sukhia came to rule. In 1763 an argument between sons of Sukhia (Kapura’s grandsons) led to the separation of the state. Sardar Hamir Singh Brar, the younger brother was allotted with Faridkot and Sardar Jodh Singh Brar, the elder brother held the control of Kotkapura.

In 1803, Maharaja Ranjit Singh captured Nawab Kapura’s state and he occupied the Faridkot principality up to Muktsar in 1808. On the British command Maharaja Ranjit Singh left this region. During First Anglo-Sikh war in 1845, Pahara Singh Brar (descendant of Kapura’s family) helped the British by rendering secret intelligence to the British army. After the British captured the Sikh kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Pahara Singh Brar was rewarded with Faridkot region. Most of Faridkot Riyasat was sited under his control. Prior to the independence of India (1947), Raja Harinder Singh Brar was the final ruler of Faridkot Riyasat.

Famous Personalities in Kotkapura:
The famous personalities of Kotkapura region are:
Sardar Ujjal Singh:
is a world famous astrologer. He was honored by Association of International Astrologers. Many people know this region of Kotkapura by Sardar Ujjal Singh’s fame.

Nawab kapura Singh

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