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Muktsar, Punjab: Muktsar is a municipal council and administrative district head quarters of Muktsar district, located in the North western state of India, Punjab. Muktsar is also known as Sri Muktsar Sahib. It is is located at 30.4689° East latitude and 74.5175° North longitude.

Muktsar is situated in South Western region of Punjab and  is encircled by Bhatinda in the east, Ferozepur in the west, Faridkot in the north and Rajasthan and Haryana in the south. The area of Muktsar comprises of 5.19% of Punjab, which is about 2615 square kilometers.

Muktsar derived its name from 40 Martyrs, Muktas (disciples of tenth Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji) who fought a war against Mughal Army in 1705. Muktsar literally means ‘Mukat or Mukti’ that is Salvation (liberation) and ‘Sar’ is Sarovar (a pool), thus a pool of liberation.

Muktsar is a significant historical and pilgrim city, closely associated with Sikh religion. On 7th November, 1995 Muktsar was formed as a separate region by withdrawing its subdivision from the District of Faridkot, which was earlier the subdivision of Ferozepur District. Punjabi and Malwai dialect is the local language spoken in Muktsar like most of the other cities of Punjab.

Agriculture is the basic and vital activity and the major source of income for the people of Muktsar. About 80% of population in Muktsar depends upon agriculture.

Food grains like Paddy, Wheat, Pulses, Sugarcane, Oilseeds, and vegetables are the main crops of this region. Muktsar is located in the cotton belt of Punjab and earlier it was known as ‘Cotton Market of India’.

Manufacturing of Bricks, Marble product, Fertilizers, Washing Soap, Candles, Fabrication work etc are the main industrial products of Muktsar.

Maghi mela is a very prominent fair held at Muktsar on 13th January, a day after Lohri every year. Maghi Mela is held for three days in the honor and memory of 40 Muktas, who sacrificed their lives in the battle of Khidrana (Muktsar), fought between the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Mughal Army. Thousands of people from different parts of the nation visit this mela and Pilgrims take bath in the sacred Sarovar. On this occasion a huge cattle fair is held at Lambi Dhab village where, famous breeds of horses of Punjab are exhibited. Tourists and devotees can stay in Shri Kalgidhar Niwas (Accommodation) which consists of forty rooms provided by the city of Muktsar.

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muktsar is know to Sri muktsar sahib... added by   on Mar 21 2013
muktsar is know to Sri muktsar sahib... added by   on Mar 21 2013
Any history about the horse fair that is held there twice a year and any efforts being made to attract foreign tourists there as one feels it has grae scope for equine related tourism on the lines of Puskar ... added by   Sarpartap singh on Jun 9 2012
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