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Malerkotla, Punjab: The city of Malerkotla is a municipal council in the district of Sangrur in Punjab, India. Malerkotla is located on State Highway 11 on Sangrur-Ludhiana road in Punjab, and at a distance of 36 kms north from the district headquarters of Sangrur and 45 kms south from Ludhiana. It is strategically located on 30.3539 N latitude and 75.5221 E longitudes, at an average elevation of 248 meters. Malerkotla is surrounded by some of the major cities of Punjab such as Ludhiana on the north (45 kms), Sangrur on the south (36 kms), Patiala on southeast (62 kms), and Barnala on west (46 kms). 

The city of Malerkotla was divided into two parts Maler and Kotla. The town of Maler was founded by an Afghan named Sadr-u-din during 1466 AD, and probably, Maler has been named after Malher Singh, who built Malhergarh Fort here.

The area of Kotla was established by Bayazid khan to the south of Maler during 1656. Previously, it was known as Kotla Maler and later on came to be called as Malerkotla.

Malerkotla is one of the biggest cities, and is the only industrial town of worth the name in the district of Sangrur. Due to its proximity with Ludhiana and Sangrur, several small industries have been established in the city. The economy of the town is mostly dependent upon agriculture and small scale industries. Malerkotla is well known for the manufacture industries of cycle parts and agricultural equipments. Methi and Cauliflower is the major agricultural product in this region that marketed throughout the Punjab. As it is a Muslim dominated town, it houses many Eid Gahs (mosques) in and around the city.

The town of Malerkotla has a great significance in the movement of freedom struggle, and especially in the Namdhari movement (anti-cow slaughter) against the British during 1872. About 66 Namdharis (also called Kukas) were killed by the British on 17th and 18th of January 1872. Kukas were used their own schools, and Panchayat (meetings) to avoid the British in their surroundings.

Fairs and Festivals:
Ramzan, Bakrid, Dusshera, Holi are the popular festivals, which are celebrated with a great enthusiasm by the people of this region. Apart from these, few other fairs are also popular in Malerkotla such as…

Mela Hazrat Sheikh Sadr-u-Din:
Mela Hazrat Sheikh Sadr-u-Din is held twice in a year during May-June and September-October for one day each in the remembrance of Sheikh Sadr-u-Din (founder of Malerkotla) during the reign of Bahlol Lodhi (one of the Afghan Sardars and founder of the Lodhi dynasty). A large number of people belonging to all communities and people from surrounding districts also attend this fair. Offerings of the Ram (he-goats) are also made in this fair.

Shaheedi Mela Malerkotla:
A fair is held on 17th and 18th of January every year to commemorate the martyrdom of 66 Kukas (also called Namdharis - a sect of Sikhism) during the “Anti Cow slaughter”. As per history out of the 66 Kukas, 49 were blown away with canons and one cut down by sword on Jan-17th 1872 and another 16 were blown away by canons on Jan-18th 1872 on the orders of the British authority.

Sangrur (district headquarter) is the nearest big town to the city of Malerkotla located at a distance of 36 kms south to the city.

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