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Faridkot, Punjab: Faridkot city is located in North Western State of India, (Punjab). It is a municipal council and division with headquarter at Faridkot, located at 30.68°N latitude and 74.74°E longitude and has an average elevation of 196 meters (643ft).

Faridkot lies in south west of Punjab and is encircled by Ferozepur district in the North West, Moga and Ludhiana districts in the north east and Bathinda and Sangrur districts in the south. Faridkot and Kotkapura are the two development blocks in the district.

Earlier to Faridkot it was named as ‘Mokal Har’ by Faja Mokalsi, (grandson of Raja Manj) founder of the town.  Later on the city of 'Faridkot' derived its name from the name of ‘Baba Fariduddin Ganjshankar’, who is well known and famous as an ardent lover of God whose bani (Short for ’Gurbani’, means Gurus teachings) appears in the Holy book of sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib. This great saint had halted in this city while on a trip from Hansi to Delhi.

Faridkot is a famous city in the district of Faridkot in the state of Punjab. Prior to independence, the city of Faridkot was princely state and has a rich historical value. The locality is very old and it is found that it dates back to the period of Indus Valley. Many interesting visiting spots and places are located in this region. The official language of Punjab, Punjabi is spoken in the regions of Faridkot.

Agriculture is the highly practiced economic activity which is performed in the city. Wheat, paddy and cotton are the main crops of the city. Faridkot includes industries of cotton handling, from ginning to bailing as well as manufacture of machine tools, sewing machines etc. However, Faridkot is at its doorstep to turn into an industrially developed region of the state.

Aagman Purb:
Aagman Purb of Baba Sheikh Farid is celebrated every year as a festival with great fun. It is celebrated by Faridkot District Cultural Society, starting from September 15 to September 23. Aagman Purb is also known as Farid Mela.
Earlier the festival was restricted to three days, now it has been extended to nine days by adding Sports, Social and Cultural events. People from different regions of the country take part in this mela. Additional ambitious activities have been added to the mela, for making it a grand event and to exhibit it in international appeal.

Formerly, people used to organize a small size function to remember the visit of Baba Farid. In 1986 Baba Farid Mela was organized by North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala in an appropriate manner by involving the District Administration, Social and Cultural Organizations of town. Since then the festival is regularly organized by The Faridkot District Cultural Society with the support of Government and Non Government Organizations.

Aagman Purb has granted with the status of National Festival in 1998 by ‘The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India’. Every year a journal, ‘Sheikh Farid Chronicle-cum-Souvenir’ is published in 4 languages Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu.

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