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Mata Lal Devi Mandir is one of the prime attraction and most popular Hindu pilgrimage spots of the Amritsar. This Temple was constructed in the model of the popular Vaishno Devi Temple of Katra (Jammu). The Mata Lal Devi Mandir is an everlasting favorite with the Hindu pilgrims and other devotedly inclined people also. This temple has a huge religious importance as well as archaeological significance. Every year, thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit the Mata Lal Devi Temple of Amritsar.

This complicated Hindu grotto temple was built in the honor of Lal Devi (20th century female saint). The twisty road to this temple passes through ankle-deep waterways, low tunnels, stairways, pathways and caves, the last of which turns out to be the inside of a heavenly entrance.

Mata Lal Devi temple does not have the archetypal Gopuram structure, and appears simple from the outside of the temple. Interiors of the temple capture the attention of visitors. Visitors can find numerous Hindu deities here, and the most remarkable point about them are their facial features. The most exciting and enjoyable part about this temple is the way of reaching this temple. A labyrinth of mirrored walls, loaded with vivid flowers and bells. Visitors have to bend and creep through a thin tunnel filled with water. While crawling, one can see many deities such as Shiva Lingams, a statue of Brahma, and some Goddesses like Kali and Saraswathi.

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