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Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama museum is everlasting visual credentials of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (the lion of Punjab) and it has been conceptualized and set up by NCSM (National Council of Science Museums), a self-regulating organization of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The extensive 4.5 acres of this attraction is located within the grounds of Ram Bagh of Amritsar. This panorama is one of the two among this kind of gallery in India. An enormous 12 meters tall and 100 meters lengthy panoramic painting demonstrating six major battle voyages of Ranjit Singh is a must see. The battle expeditions portrayed in the painting are supplemented by large circular forefront diorama showing number of mannequins of major combatants, animals, weapons and so on. A specifically designed artistic illumination of the large paintings and the foreground diorama, supported by combat zone sound effects at the background is a visual treat. Maharaja's Durbar hall at Lahore has been duplicated in the panorama of Ram Bagh with a large dioramic presentation where Maharaja is seen with his chiefs and people. There is also a painting which depicts the meetings of Ranjit Singh with Lord William Bentinck (governor general of British India) during 1881. At the main entrance of the building, one can see the stunning Darbar-e-Khalsa (Court of Khalsa) of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Inside the gallery, there are three parts that takes us back in time through 200 years of Sikh History. Maharaja Ranjit Singh's sovereignty was also renowned for overall development, secular values and jingoistic dedication Maharaja Ranjit Singh never was into display of his richness. He never wore  a crown nor sat  on a throne during his life. On ritual occasions he used to sit on a gilded chair while the other bigwigs sit on silver chairs. Generally he used a simple chair. One such timber carved chair with polish work and flowery designs and having velvet cushion is on display. A large painting on cloth (approx. 154 x 124 cms) depicting the Lahore fort and Lahore city in all its architectural splendor, portraying arches, doors, prisons and even roadways of locally burnt clay-bricks.

The other attractions in the energetic life span of the Maharaja also portrayed through eight small dioramas in the ground floor halls of the building. Many other prominent stories allied with Maharaja, which have commemorated him, are also displayed in the panorama building through canvas paintings (oil paintings) and murals. The interactive touch screen multimedia kiosks located in the panorama complex which provide exhaustive information of the subject to the visitors. At the Upstairs of the building there are larger paintings and dioramas of the life of Maharaja. This gallery depicts the panoramas of battles including Maharaja's victory at Lahore and conquering of Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), the war for the fort of Attock (now in Pakistan), triumph at Multan (Pakistan), the occupation of Kashmir and the war of Naushera.

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