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Amrit Sarovar is an enormous, pure and clear pool of water, which is also called as "Pool of Nectar" that surrounds and reflects the "Harmandir Sahib" of Amritsar. The Harmandir Sahib situated on a rectangular shaped platform in the center of this holy tank. Before entering the temple devotees take a holy dip in this Sarovar. People believe that, a holy bath in this Amrit Sarovar vanishes all the sins of the devotees. The term Sarovar is a Punjabi word which means a pool. Numerous historic Gurudwaras in Indian subcontinent have a pool built in the complex of Gurudwaras.

The Amrit Sarovar is cleaned on a regular basis. Recently a new filtration system is also installed to the pool. This cleaning process of Sarovar is called as Kar Seva .

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