Panj Peer Tibba Shrine history

Panj Peer Tibba Shrine History-Origin-Importance-Architecture

Panj Peer shrine is an ancient shrine of Abohar city, which dates back to the history of the city. During his reign of King Hari Chand, the king fell ill and became a victim of Leprosy. Doctors adviced that, the king can recover only if the blood from the horses of Panj (five) Peers of Multan was applied to the king. The daughter of King Hari Chand went to Panj Peers and took 81 horses along with their goods. But by the time the princess reached the king, the king had already succumbed to the illness. Many requests were sent by the Panj Peers to the princess, to give back their horses but she refused to give them. Finally the Panj Peers came to this region from Multan to take their horses back. They camped on a small hill region. Even after several days the daughter of king refused to give their horses back, this made the Panj Peers angry and they destroyed this region with their spiritual powers.

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