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A perfect getaway to a place that is serene and quiet coupled with the majestic scenic beauty of nature in all its glory, is the quaint little getaway of Panchalingeswar. The Panchalingeswar temple is nestled among the beautiful blue hills of Nilagiri, an ideal tourist spot for many. Located in the hilly areas of Nilagiri, Balasore district of Orissa, Panchalingeswar is 8 kms from Nilagiri and 30 kms from the city of Balasore. The sheer serenity of the location is a great stress buster for many.

As the name implies Panchalingeswar is famous for its unique ‘panchalinga’ or the five lingas of Lord Shiva enshrined in the temple. Coupled with the majestic hills, there are many waterfalls that add lure to the place. Branches of natural spring flow through the hill ranges that add attraction to the place. The temple is located on a hilltop and houses five Shiva lingas, immersed in the depths of a small waterfall. But getting there may seem to be an arduous task as one needs to ascend 263 stairs to reach the temple. The small waterfall becomes bigger during the monsoons and the 5 rock piece kind of formation called the Pancha Lingas becomes difficult to locate. To touch the lingas one has to lie flat on a rock and get a feel of the lingas.

Besides the temple one can also savor the spectacular sight of small tribal villages and hamlets as you trek through the forests of the Nilagiri.

If you are a trek enthusiast, then you can trek at the Nilagiri Hills savoring the splendid beauty of Panchalingeswar. A small village called Baulagadia near Nilagiri town (five km away) has become a major centre in the sub-division for its stone-carving work on black granite.

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