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History of Jiribam: The history of Jiribam mainly begins with the colonial rule. A number of tribes and people of other religions began to migrate to the river side area in the beginning of the 19th century. The Jiri River was very famous during this era and Jiribam was a major trade centre.

The entire area was then ruled by Maharaja Churachand from 1891 - 1941, who was then a minor. In the year 1907, the Manipur State Durbar was established to assist the Maharaja in the administration of the area. His son, Maharaja Budhachandra Singh ruled the area from 1941 - 1955 AD. In 1940, Jiribam became a Mauzar and the office of the Mauzardar of Jiribam was converted into S.D.C. office in 1950.

Post-independence, an agreement was signedbetween the Government of India and the Maharaja of Manipur on the 2nd September 1949 and Manipur was merged with Indian Union on Oct 15, 1949. Manipur become one of the union Territories under the union Territories Act, 1956. Imphal city was declared as the capital city.

Jiribam was declared as a Notified Area in 1973 and in 1984; the Jiribam Municipal Council was established.

The Imphal East district was established on 18 June 1997 with Porompat as its district headquarters. Jiribam became a municipality.

With the development of transport and communication facilities in the region, it became a major commercial hub of the state.

Prominent Rulers of the Jiribam:
Sri Churachand Singh - 1891 - 1941
Budhachandra Singh  - 1941 - 1955

Jiribam has the only railway station of Manipur. The Government is also working on the project of connecting this rail line with Myanmar.

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Nice to know about my birth place histry. I know many thing about jiribam thank.... added by   satyajit on Jan 10 2015
jiribam is not known as jirighat. jirighat is a small bazar of cachar distt Assam neighbouring jiribam.... added by   Y.Ashok kumar singh on Dec 20 2013
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