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Ratnagiri offers a whole lot of breathtaking sun soaked beaches that penetrate the sea and allows viewing a White sand beach on one side and a Black sand beach on the other at the same time. You can watch a beautiful sunset at all the beaches in the evenings. Some of the popular beaches are:
Bhatye Beach- Bhatye is the biggest beaches of Ratnagiri town. It s a wonderful beach in the background of the jagged Sahyadri mountain ranges that provide a panoramic view of the surroundings. The bluish water, vast expansion of silvery sands and the clean environs sprinkled with casuarinas, Bhatye beach gives exciting opportunities for water sports.

The beautiful Bhatye beach presents a sleepy and peaceful atmosphere. The unpolluted air, clear sky, the vast expansion of bluish water, a quiet evening, and the lovely Bhatye beach is a perfect place to admire the romantic sunset. The beach is less crowded and secluded as it is a little away from the main city. At one end of the beach you can also visit the temple of Zhari Vinayak .
Ganeshghule Beach- Ganeshghule beach provides a sure way to rejoice the romantic sunset in a serene atmosphere. The shining emerald water, vast stretch of silvery sands and the undulating waves gives the beach a majestic look. The unruffled beach and the never ending blue sea, a pollution free environment, Ganeshghule beach is definitely a must see spectacle. One among the popular and appealing beaches, Ganeshghule is an ideal spot to relax in solitude.
Aare Beach-
Aare Beach is one of the untouched beaches from Konkan region. This is only 15 km away from Ratnagiri towards Ganapatipule via Nevare village. This is a very long beach having a length of 3 km. This is a perfect spot for a one day outing. A beautiful and dense plantation of Suru protects the villagers from the cyclone. Many celebrities own land properties near to this beach.
Mandavi Beach- Mandavi Beach is the most crowded beach in the Ratnagiri region. The prettiest beach in Ratnagiri, Mandavi is gifted with a vast line of seashore right up to Rajiwanda Port. This fabulous beach is surrounded by the west by the Ratnadurg fort, and the majestic Arabian Sea lies to its south. The proximity of the beach to the town makes it a favorite holiday spot of the water enthusiasts.
Mandavi beach offers lustrous black sand and so it is renowned as the Black Sea . In comparison with other beaches, Mandavi beach appears little filthy because of the black sand; yet this is the most sought after picnic spot in Ratnagiri.
Velneshwar Beach-
Velneshwar Beach is about 170 km from Ratnagiri and is located on the north of Shastri River. Its adjoining beach is clean and fringed with an array of coconut palms. Swimming and other water sports are possible there, as the beach is free from rocks.

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