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One of the most important habitats of Nashik region is the NandurMadhmeshwar sanctuary which houses more than 220 species of birds, 400 species of vegetation, 24 species of fish and several smaller mammals at the confluence of Godavari and Kadwa. Spread over the protected area of 10000 hectares, lies the core area of 1765 hectares, where the large variety of water birds, resident and migratory birds congregate in season. Aptly called Maharashtra s Bharatpur, it was developed since 1950 and is a favorite birdwatchers wetland area surrounded by fields of sugarcane, grape orchards. Large lake & islands abound with aquatic vegetation making it paradise for thousands of migratory birds, Ibises, Storks & variety of colorful water birds.
The Madhmeshwar Temple on the river features prominently in Hindu mythology. Lord Ram is said to have killed the golden deer or Suvarnamrug at the spot where the temple stands today. The area around the lake is rich with fossils & visitors can find interesting pieces of these fascinating rocks scattered about. Ideal season to be here is from October to March.

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