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Situated 50 km from Osmanabad is the Naldurg Fort. The fort has enclosed a surface of a knoll or plantain of basalt rock which juts out into the valley of the small Bori River. Along the rest of the cliff on three sides ran fortifications. The bastions are firmly built and are large enough to carry heavy guns. The entire circumference is about a mile and a half. The interior is covered with ruined walls and a vide road running up to the centre. The fort has many bastions amongst which are Upli Buruj, which is the high point in the fort, Paranda Buruj , Nagar Buruj, Sangam Buruj, Sangram Buruj etc. Inside the fort there are remains of the walls and some of the buildings such a Barood kotha, Baradari, Ambarkhana, Rangaan mahal, Jali etc. Though the buildings are in ruins the remains give an impression that the structure could have been rather spacious. The Hathi Darwaza and the Hurmukh Darwaza are the main gates of the fort. The most interesting building which connects the fort and the Ranmandala is the dam constructed across the Bori River.

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