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Flocked by wonderful waterfalls that are extension of the scenic magnificence of the Krishna Valley, which extends many kilometers from east to west for its numerous hamlets, cultivated fields and sparkling rivers-
Lingamala Falls- Situated at the top of the Venna Valley is the Lingamala waterfall which offers a picturesque view. The sight of the mighty water fall which is about five- six hundred feet falling from the cliff makes it spectacular.
Dhobi Waterfall-
The Dhobi Waterfall is 3 km away from the town area. The fall is on the course which connects Lodwick point to Elphinstone Point.

The locale of the fall is a beautiful corner that faces the southern side of the Elphinstone point directly. Either side of the falls is filled with rocks. Due to leafage the rocks appears to be green. Dhobi waterfall is on a bridle path connecting Petit Road with Old Mahabaleshwar Road.
Chinaman s Falls- Located towards the south into the Koyna Valley is the Chinaman s waterfalls. It is 2.5 km away from Mahabaleshwar and worth a visit. This famous cascading waterfall can be reached by going through the Carviali Road.
In the past the gardens close to the falls were looked after by the Chinese. The Chinese also cultivated the gardens. Thus the falls got its name as Chinaman s Waterfall.
Tiger s Spring- Located just a km away from Arthur point is the natural Tiger s spring, which is believed to be the basis of river Savitri. The popular belief is that the spring water is having some devout powers and it serves as the source of water to the animals in the jungle. Viewing the luxurious valley beneath from this lovely stream is really awe inspiring.

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